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Hero abilities

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Abilities are skill sets that heroes begin with or can obtain or learn and develop in different ways. Certain abilities are not available to all heroes. Certain abilities are also applicable to foes & followers.

Common Abilities[edit]


All Classes. Trained at the Hero's Rest Inn (Central Plains) or Dwarven Engineer (Magic Bazaar in Lormidia)

Craftsmanship determines how proficient a hero in schematics (they can be accessed through Options -> Journal -> Schematics), obtained from Valmorgen's library and other places. A craftsmanship of at least 1% is required to purchase schematics. The level of craftsmanship relates to the chances of a hero successfully carrying out the schematics' instructions. Success in using the schematic occurs if

Craftsmanship + (Intelligence / 2) - Random(1-20) > Schematic difficulty x 5

If you fail, the items are reduced to junk.

Therefore, it is advisable that heroes train their craftsmanship to a sufficiently high level to guarantee success in using high-level schematics. Currently, the highest difficulty of a schematic is 5, with the exception of the Desert Artifact which is 7. So if your

craftsmanship + intelligence/2

is greater than 45, you can successfully use all other schematics (for the DA you'll need > 55 in total).

Obtaining & developing this ability

  • Trained at the Hero's Rest Inn (Central Plains) - maximum: 20%
  • Trained at the Dwarven Engineer (Magic Bazaar in Lormidia) - maximum: 40%
  • Each crafting action has a small chance (the more complex the used schematic - starting from 1,- the bigger the chance) to give +1% to the craftsman

Note that certain quest Schematics (such as the Tholarian Scepter and Enchant Armor) have a difficulty of 0, which equals auto-success.


All Classes. Will be received during the Plagued! quest in the Ruins of Thallis.

While exploring Thallis you have caught this plague, severly hampering your abilities. You would do wisely to find a cure for it as soon as possible. As long as you are plagued you suffer a -30 penalty to Parry, Dodge, Ranged, Hand-to-Hand and Magic Resistance.

Resist Critical Hit[edit]

All Classes. Automatic ability

All heroes start with this ability, but after 2010 reset it is slightly changed. Resist critical hit determines the damage a hero takes in the event of suffering from a critical hit. When a critical hit is scored on heroes, (or creatures with resist critical hit ability) they will suffer a damage of 1/6 of their max HP (provided that it is greater than the minimum damage of the attacker including strength bonuses). If the defenders do not have this ability, they will instantly die.

Spell Casting[edit]

All Classes. Learned automatically

Spell casting allows heroes to cast spells in combat provided that a spell is readied for combat. Since spells are very important for combat purposes, this ability is crucial to the success of the hero. After the Great Reset of 2010 this ability has become hidden.

Obtaining this ability

  • Heroes with intelligence more than or equal to 11 have this ability from beginning.
  • For heroes with intelligence less than 11, intelligence must be trained to this requisite level and spells will become available.


All Classes, except Monks and Paladins. Trained at the Rogues Guild

Stealing skill allows character to attempt taking what's not theirs from various shops in Ardania. Each attempt takes 1 turn and yields experience. If the attempt is successful, character obtains chosen item. Unsuccessful attempt leads character straight to jail for several turns.

For more detailed info: Stealing.

Class-Unique Abilities[edit]

Attack of Opportunity[edit]

Only classes that have artifice as their primary stat

You can use your Artifice to strike enemies while they are in a weak defensive stance, doing additional damage. Unlike Critical Hit this does not kill the target, just wounds it more. Damage and chance to use this ability increase with your Artifice.

It gives you X% chance to deal X% additional damage, where X is your Artifice. So, with higher Artifice this ability becomes much more effective. The additional damage continues to increase if Artifice is increased above 100.

Artifice Chance to use Damage increased by Total damage bonus
20 20% 20% 4%
40 40% 40% 16%
60 60% 60% 36%
80 80% 80% 64%
100 100% 100% 100%
120 100% 120% 120%

Attack Multiple Enemies[edit]

Warriors of Discord (Naturally); can be obtained also through items

Allows to attack three different opponents at once. Chance for it can be granted by wearing Cloak of the Archer, Bracers of Marksmanship, Ranger's Amulet, Ritual Mask, Charm of Devastation and perhaps some other items.


Dwarves and Gnomes only

Allows hero to be employed in construction duty at the Valmorgen Palace. Building work costs three turns and earns a hero 10 gold and 7 XP for Dwarves, 21 XP for Gnomes at Level 1 and decreases with increase. This ability is useful in the beginning for gnomes with very low vitality when gold is low. Construction earns more gold per turn than Guard Duty but less than City Patrol at the Valmorgen gates.

Club Attack[edit]

Barbarians only

Provides barbarians with an automatic +10 to damage. This ability was implemented to reflect the axe and club combination in Majesty and to re balance the axe, which previously had 10 more damage than it does now, as a single-handed weapon.

Combat Luck[edit]

Gnome Champions only

Allows hero to add his Luck to his Hand-to-hand, Dodge, Parry and Magic Resistance. Gnomes gain this ability after their promotion to Champion at level 8.

Critical Hit[edit]

Monks, Barbarians, Warriors of Discord naturally.

The Critical Hit ability determines the percentage chance of landing a critical hit if the hit is successful. The amount of damage done by a critical hit is determined by the resist critical hit ability of the opponent (see above). Can be obtained / raised by Gloves of Piyadasi, Blades of Mass Slaughtering, Spiked Cloak, Belt of Pain, properly used Barbarian Beard Ring and perhaps some other items.

Critical Hit Chances

  • Barbarians: equal to their levels (i.e. a level 20 hero will have 20% chance) and stuff, but no more than 40%.
  • Monks: 0% fixed which means they can't score a critical hit without their lvl 7 spell, Iron Will, which increases critical hit chance by 6% (Iron Will is cast every 10 rounds and lasts 6 rounds; that means roughly 3.6% chance of critical hit on the average). The gloves mentioned above help... a wee bit.
  • Warrior of Discord: 3% fixed; 8% max (with all his items above).

Double Attack[edit]

Adepts (Naturally); can be obtained through various items and enchantment.

Allows the Hero to physically attack a single opponent two times every combat round. While only Adepts can use this ability, other Heroes can effectively attain double hits through other means. For example, the Rage of Krolm enchantment obtained at the Temple to Krolm, the Champion Blade and the Bolt Spitter all offer an identical effect the same as Double Attack; Ritual Mask, Greatbow of Speed, Charm of Devastation, Blades of Mass Slaughtering, Winged feet enchantment, the Tonic of Speed beverage and properly used Barbarian Beard Ring give / increase some chance for it.


Elves only

Allows hero to perform in Inns and other locations to earn gold. This ability is useful in the beginning when gold is low. Entertaining earns more gold per turn than guard duty at the Valmorgen gates.


Barbarians only

Hero does not always get killed when he loses a battle, but has a chance to fall unconscious instead. The hero loses only 1 turn upon each fall and is automatically revived at maximum health. Begins at 20% and increases with each level up to 40%.


Rangers and Rogues only

Allows the hero to harvest herbs in areas such as the Treldan Wood (but not only). Harvested herbs can be brewed into useful items by the alchemist located in Lichfield Hollow.

Howl of Discord[edit]

Warriors of Discord only

Every 8 turn, Warrior of Discord loudly roars, dealing 10+(Level/2) damage to 5 opponents. The damage is unblockable/irresistible and also hits invisible units; works even if a WoD is petrified/paralyzed/tangled/frozen; Illusionary Hero of the enemy isn't counted.

Immunity to Poison[edit]

Dwarves, Cultists, Warriors of Discord only (Naturally); can be obtained by gaining the Aura of Health (See below)

Allows hero to be unaffected by poison. Heroes with this ability will take no poison damage in combat, as well as from Poisoned ponds found mainly at Hellfire Mountains areas. Useful when fighting poison-armed opponents such as flesh reapers and other heroes.

Journey to Distant Lands[edit]

Rangers only

Allows Rangers to travel in and out of certain areas such as the Darkmoor Swamp and Goblin Territory with ease; also saves hero from buying maps of different areas like Hellfire Mountains.

Looting Gravestones[edit]

Rogues only

Allows the rogue to gain gold by looting gravestones.


Healers and Cultists only

Allows the hero to plant herbs for experience.

Actually, in the mid and late game each planting brings shiny XP equal to the amount from like 5..10 your avg fights (1..18 XP). Happens occasionally (after a fight - even if you lost it, but still survived or were revived) and not in every location. A fight in one of the current location's special encounters (a Cave, Ruins, a Caravan etc.) will never trigger this ability.


Healers only

Allows the Healer to be instantly resurrect after dying, with full health and no loss of XP or gold. Healer starts with 1 use of this ability and gains 1 more at each level.

Dark Forest Auras[edit]

One of the described below will be proposed for your choice after the Keep battle win.
Note: You can only gain one of these during your play, so think carefully before picking one!

Aura of Fear[edit]

Your Hero will emanate power that strikes fear into everyone around them.
As a result, all opponents receive an automatic -10 to their combat stats.

Aura of Victory[edit]

Your Hero is transformed into a being of such heroic magnitude, either by stature, beauty or wonder, that commoners in their presence can only stare in amazement.
As a result, your Hero gets +10 to all four combat stats: H2H, Ranged, Dodge and Parry.

Aura of Enchantment[edit]

Your Hero will get a permanent +1 enchantment to any weapon and armor used, above and beyond any current enchantment that such items may already have.

Aura of Health[edit]

Your Hero will become immune to poison and gain a massive +4 boost to Vitality!

Aura of Might[edit]

Your Hero will be regarded in such awe, either due to stature, beauty or mystical wonder, that any being of a lower level won't know whether to back away from your presense or kneel down in praise!
Your Hero will receive +8 Strength, +8 Willpower and +4 Intelligence.

Monsters and Item abilities[edit]


Possessed by many of the forest based enemies.

Works as a Camouflage spell.

Dagger Storm[edit]

Cultists only, when wielding the Baldric of Feathers

Unleashes a storm of daggers that strike all opponents on the battlefield.

Note: This ability hits up to 7 opponents (very rarely upto 14 when under the Winged Feet spell) during a single combat round, but only once in 5 rounds (and additionally once in the 2nd combat round - will be replaced by a spell if you have such readied).


Chance of leaving party after upgrading. Is applied to some types of the Followers.

Poisoned Weapon[edit]

Gained by several items and also an ability several foes have.

A successful hit poisons the target so it will take some HP damage per round. While Poisoned, the target cannot regenerate or be healed.
The items are: Different founded / purchased poisons, Bracers of Defilement, Healer Bracers, Bracers of Infection, Holsters/Scabbards/Quivers of Venom/Pain, Set of Brass Knuckles.
NB: The number between the brackets () is the amount of HP taken per round. Without brackets, the value is always 1.
P.S. Poisons and poisoned items are not stackable, which means there's no sense to prepare/wear more than one of them simultaneously.


The most dangerous enemies in the game have this ability, allowing them to regenerate sustained damage.

Heroes can gain it with items like the Silver Band or Werewolf Potion, also from Regeneration, Champion's Vigor enchantments and Meditation, Iron Will spells.
Notes: The value regenerated each round is between the brackets (). Sometimes this value stacks with other Regeneration sources.


Possessed by several foes and followers

Will never flee in combat.


Obtained by equipping certain items such as the Golem Sledge or Golem Fist, as well as by the Paladin Aura spell, granted by the Dagger of Valour

A weapon imbued with this ability will always inflict maximum damage.


Given by the Varg Cloak.

This combat skill reflects a Hero's ability to utilize their Artifice (modified) attribute in combat.
Notes:This stat adds ART to H2H, Ranged, Parry and Dodge (to a max. of 30, applied immediately).

Triple Strike (Triple Attack)[edit]

Possessed by several foes. Given for Ranger & Elf heroes by the Grandbow of Speed.

Allows to attack a single opponent two times. It also gives a specified chance of striking him three times. Native owners: Ancient Dragon, Ice Spider, Flesh Scavenger, Death Reaver, Towering Golem, Toughened Yeti.


The following are listed under the "Abilities" tab to commemorate certain events. They have no effect on gameplay.


This designation is given to heroes who predate the reset of 2010.


This designation is given to heroes who went through a two-day server rollback that occurred in 2016.