Dagger of Valour (item)

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Item type: WeaponDagger

This dagger is forged from the remnant of a Broken Mystic Greatsword, granting Healers the use of the powerful Paladin Aura spell.

Usable by Healer
Item weight 0.15
Damage 10
Effects Gives access to the Paladin Aura spell (STR+32, H2H+75, DAM+10, PAR+75,A MR+10, Slayer Skill)
Acquisition Crafted with the Dagger of Valour schematic
Required ingredients: Broken Mystic Greatsword, Ring of Might, Plate Armor of Destiny, and either a Greatsword of Justice or a Greatsword of Vanquishing
Upgrades to Dagger of Heroism


  • The Paladin Aura spell lasts for 2 turns and is in effect for the 2 turns that the invisibility spell is off-line. This alternating pattern can be interrupted by a hold effect on the hero such as Vine Entanglement.