Dagger of Vengeance

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Item type: WeaponDagger

This dagger was quenched by the wrathful smith plunging the red hot blade into the chest of his wifes lover. No matter how much it is cleaned the blood never seems to wash off.

Usable by Gnome, Healer, Cultist, Paladin, Warrior
Item weight 0.15
Damage 10
Effects none
Level 7
Acquired fromRatman Battleground (Large Fortification), Hellfire Mountains South (Dragon Pit, Huge Cave), Desolate Wastelands (Lair of Reavers), Ruins of Thallis (Blacksmith), Valley of Gur-Mechina (Tomb Crypt)
Sell infoBlacksmith, Trading Post in Traveller's Dell (960 gold).