Darkmoor Swamp

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Darkmoor Swamp.

Darkmoor Swamp is a location found after exploring in Treldan Wood. Only heroes of level 10 or above may gain access to this swamp. The swamp is similar to the Catacombs in that heroes (with the exception of rangers), must explore to get out of the swamp or reach its "hidden" area within, the Sunken City. Darkmoor Swamp and the sunken city are based on "Darkmoor Castle" in the Majesty Quest The Barren Waste, which the player must destroy in order to make the ground strong enough to hold a fairground.

Darkmoor swamp contains challenging monsters such as bog golems and flowering deathweed. Therefore, only more powerful heroes should venture in this area.

In-Game Description: Darkmoor Swamp is a dreary, dark and dangerous place to adventure. There are many rumors of heroes gone missing, or killed by the vicious claws of Swamp Trolls...and from the other stories you heard, the trolls may be the least of your worries. The ground is highly unstable-Paths appear and disappear in the tides. There are rumors of a city sunken into the swamp-with only the ruins of Castle Darkmoor standing above it all as a solitary witness.



Small Ship Remains
  • Swamp Trolls Ambush - unavoidable battle with some Swamp trolls. May obtain some Swamp Troll Ooze.
  • Swamp Trolls Pack - fight with some Swamp Trolls. May obtain some Swamp Troll Ooze.
  • Flesh Hunters Track - a fight with some Flesh Hunters.
  • Flesh Hunters Ambush - unavoidable battle with a few Flesh Hunters.
  • Bog Golems - fight with some Bog Golems.
  • Cocoon: Yields gold without a fight.
Swamp Hermit


Exit to Treldan Wood and entrance to the Sunken City via exploring the area. Rangers may exit at will.