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Posted by Veneficus on November 11, 2021

Defeat Merlan's Apprentice

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Obtaining the quest[edit]

Visit Merlan in the Wizard Tower after completing the Silver Varg Sheddings quest.

  • Message when quest is obtained: You find the Wizard sitting quietly in his thinking chair. He does not look happy.

"It would appear that my 'apprentice' has run off again, this time with my spellbook, my staff, and the new potion I've been making. I feel like an old fool for not seeing this earlier. I would appreciate it if you deal with this matter for me, and be prepared for a fight."

You pause for a second, then leave the Silver Varg pups on the rug in front of the fire.

  • Journal entry: Defeat Merlan's Apprentice


Explore the Dark Forest until you find the village of Lycanthria. Enter it and search through the dwellings (Bash down the door!) until you find the following: You've found the Varg apprentice, who has somehow become a full strength Werewolf. And he isn't alone. To get the old Wizard's items back, allowing him to regain his dignity, you must now fight 3-6 Greater Werewolves and a Werewolf Mage!

Defeat him and return to Merlan to complete this quest line, as well as part of the Enlist at the East Cheswick Outpost quest.


You find the Wizard combing some silver fur from one of his new little companions. For the first time, Merlan almost smiles at you.

"Thank you for retrieving my items. You have done everything that I have asked of you. I guess it's time to show you into my shop. I hope you brought lots of gold..."

"I also have a schematic that you might find of interest. Or if you have any wands that you'd like recharged, that could be arranged."

Merlan will now sell you schematics and potions, and will recharge wands for 800gp and a Dark Bellanite fragment.

Note that like the others, when you click to "Bash down the door!", you will start the fight immediately, so make any of your preparations beforehand. Also note that after defeating the werewolf mage and leaving the village, you will not be able to return to Lycanthria again.