Desert Artifact

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Item type: Artifact

After the effort you went through to gather the 4 parts of this Artifact and to craft it together you now almost unlocked the full potential of this extremely powerful item. When fully charged it allows the user to cast the extremely devastating spell Apocalyptica 50 times. Holds a maximum of 50 charges.

Usable by All classes
Effects Allows the user to cast Apocalyptica when the item is readied for combat. This item carries a maximum of 50 charges.
Acquisition obtained from the quest, The Desert Artifact
Required ingredients: No additional ingredients, but upgrade requires 100000 gold
Upgrades to Restored Desert Artifact
NotesRecommended places for effective usage: Fertile Plains (Caravan Escort), Dark Forest (Brashnard Ruins, Daemonwood Groves), Hellfire Mountains (different Caves, Pits etc. - except for the Snake Pits), as well as any other locations with massive packs of monsters whose MGR < 100.