Desolate Wastelands

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Desolate Wastelands

The Desolate Wastelands can be reached by traveling the Eastern Pass away from Traveller's Dell.

In-game description[edit]

Relieved to be finally out of the Hellfire Mountains, you did not expect to stumble into a big desert with apparently nothing in it. Just sand as far as the eye reaches. Still, from your past experiences in Ardania, you are quite aware nothing is as it seems.


Imp's Workshop
Camouflaged Goblin Tower
Plays a role in several quests in this area. Allows the upgrade of Valmorgen Schematics and other items upon completion of the quest.


Events and Encounters[edit]

Sand Golems Lair & Lair of Reavers
Suspicious Travellers
  • Approaching sandstorm
Lose 1-4 turns.

Quest/One-time Encounters

  • Camouflaged Goblin Tower
Inside is the Imp who marks his workshop on your map.
  • Lair of Sand Golems (flagged)
Contains Sand Golems (more crowded than regular Sand Golem lairs). Drops Imp's Anvil instead of regular equipment.
Three Suspicious Travellers - Leads to "The Desert Artifact" quest.
Abomination Lair (during "The Desert Artifact" quest).