Dragon Beard Ring

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Effects: Spell Damage +1

Socketable into: Nevryl Amulet, Mithril Belt, Staves via Magical Staff Schematic.

Found: Hellfire Mountains South (Dragon Pit), Hellfire Mountains North (Barrow), Desolate Wastelands (Sand Golems Lair), Hellfire Mountains West (Ice Dragon Den)

Description: One of a collection of ancient Dwarven beard jewelry, this one is crafted in the shape of a Dragon head. While even Dwarves have forgotten how to unlock their powers, it is rumored that these items will bestow magical benefits upon Heroes who combine them with socketed items.

This item is used in the Belt of Blasting schematic.

Query: when/how did anyone last confirm Dragon Beard Rings are found in Sand Golems Lair in Desolate Wastelands? The entry for Sand Golems Lair does NOT list Dragon Beard Rings, and my Wizard just spent more than 2,000 turns in DW without finding a Dragon Beard Ring.