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Posted by Veneficus on November 11, 2021

Dwarf Class Guide

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The Dwarf is a formidable class due to high Magic Resistance. While most melee Heroes will struggle to obtain MGR boosting items, the Dwarf innately has 70 MGR, which is well and beyond the starting value and the extra 15 one can obtain via training for other classes. Since armor cannot effectively block out spell damage and many of the most powerful opponents rely on magic, the magic resistance advantage of Dwarves turns out to be of paramount importance once past the early stages. In addition, Dwarves enjoy immunity to poison and the Golem Sledge schematic item which allows them the excellent ability of inflicting maximum damage in each attack. Disadvantage are the rather poor parry and dodge defense values. However, this deficiency can be made up by wearing plate armor, available only to the Dwarf and two other classes, and by training in the long run. The lack of combat defense is only most noticeable in the early stage of the game.

Another key advantage of Dwarves is they cannot be petrified (but they can be bound and petrified by the Terrify spell). This is an excellent feature, as some encounters will be against multiple foes that can 'chain-incapacitate' the hero, which leads to a quick death.

Into the late game, the Dwarf enters the Desolate Wastelands region and will face strong challenges from monsters with high intelligence, damage, and combat stats which counteracts the advantages enjoyed by Dwarves. Ironically, Dwarves are unable to wear the powerful Dwarven Locket, which means that their naturally high MGR cannot be further augmented.


Below are the optimal items for each category, as well as other notable items important to this class. See also: items usable by Dwarf.

  • Weapon: Golem Sledge (Damage: 19, Slayer ability) → Golem Smiter (Damage: 20, Slayer ability, ARM +2, H2H +20; Upgraded at Imp Workshop),
Hammer of Resolve (Damage: 17, H2H +15, STR +15; Valmorgen schematic).
Plate Armor of Destiny, Mithril Plate Armor - embed 3x Skull/Golem Beard Rings); Mithril Breastplate (Armor: 11, HTH +10, PAR +5, DOD +5, MGR +10).
The last one is the best (at least until the late game) - it's the easiest, the difference in the armor (even +7) is less preferable in most of the fights than the combat attributes even in total to embedding 6 BRs. And it's much easier to get it - as well as no need to enchant.
Protective Cloak, Farmer's Cloak - due to pretty low stats of the class, in most fights this one is better than the ARM +3 from Thallis.
Adult Dwarven Headband (H2H +5, Parry +5, Dodge +5; Thallis item) - embed 5x Shield/Skull/Goblin Dwarven Beard Rings, depending on the need (WIL, MGR, or STR).
Earlier on, Steel Full Helm, Battered Crown (PAR +10).
Belt of Rage is useful early on.
  • Footwear: Boots of Lunord (Armor: 2, SPD +2, PAR +10, DOD +15, MGR +5, DMG +1; Quest reward).
War Chargers (Armor: 3, STR +4, H2H +10; Wizard Tower schematic).
  • Glove: Golem Gloves (Armor: 3, H2H +10, PAR +20, STR +16; Thallis item).
War Gauntlets - embed 2x Ratman or Hammer Dwarven Beard Rings).
Neckband of Smashing (useful with Slayer ability). Should also have a Rezzenthells Spellkiller.
Before (and even after) the Thallis item is obtained, the Black Stone or a Holster/Scarab of Might are the most-useful accessories.

Getting Started[edit]

The Dwarf's magic resistance is not particularly helpful during the first 10 levels or so since few foes use magic (except for minor debuffs). In addition, Plate Mail is not available until out of Valmorgen, thus depriving the Dwarf of one of his key advantages. It is tempting to gamble to give the Dwarf a head start, as he will need the solid defensive items, Armor (800 gold) enchanted to +3 (1,600 Gold), and a Ring of Protection), as soon as possible. Spellcasting is also a key goal, so consider rerolling a 'dumb Dwarf' with an INT 10 to get one with INT of at least 11 to immediately obtain the Power Shock and Flame Shield Spells at the Valmorgen Library.

Follow the usual strategies to defeat the sewer quest and Venns Spire challenge. From here, your primary goal is to acquire plate mail as quickly as possible. First, head to Lormidia and get the Green armor +4 charm and some +100HP potions (much cheaper than the stronger elixirs which are overkill for you). Do quests, and/or fight the goblin territory to gain cash. You might get some partial plate in the Goblin Territory with a lucky loot drop. You may consider the graveyard where most heroes fear the Vampire. However, your high magic resistance, augmented by the Blue Charm, Ring of Protection and Fire Shield spell should be enough (70+10+10+20) to block many of the Vampire spells, while your higher offense and hitpoints should let you overcome the fights.

Find either Mithril or Magical Plate which are your best bet, providing a huge defensive gain (the Mithril is socketable, the Magical one has higher armor value). At this point after enchanting your armor, fights will be significantly easier and you can then follow strategies in the generic mid-game strategy entry.