Dwarven Quiver of Slaying

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Item type: Accessory

Due to their rivalry it was only logical that from most items an Elven and Dwarvish version was released. After the Dwarves moved further north in Ardania, most of their items were lost, and only the Elven variations remained. The Quiver of Slaying is one of those items that went missing, and rumour has it is slightly more powerful than the Elven version.

Usable by Elf, Ranger
Item weight 0.45
Effects Ranged +10, Damage +3
Embeds intoBelt of Ballistics (item) using the Improved Belt of Ballistics (schematic) schematic
Acquired fromRuins of Thallis Ranger's Guild, Elven Bungalow
Sell infoGnome Hovel, Marketplace (3000 gold), Merlan's Shop (4500 gold), Nomad's Outpost (5700 gold)