East Cheswick

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East Cheswick.

East Cheswick is found by traveling through the Fertile Plains.

In-game description: East Cheswick is the agricultural hub of all Ardania, a sprawling landscape of farms surrounding a small city core.

Below is a guide to the various locations in the city:


  • West Guardhouse
Here you can sign up for Rookie Guard Duty
  • North Guardhouse
Here you can sign up for Novice Guard Duty
  • East Guardhouse
Here you can sign up for Hero Guard Duty
  • South Guardhouse
Here you can sign up for City Patrol

Town Center[edit]

  • Outpost
Holds a membership consisting of the first two heroes of each class that completed the "Enlist" quest. Outpost members may 1) teleport to East Cheswick from almost anywhere, 2) visit the Elven Therapist (costs 2 turns), which'll fully heal the hero & cast the "Refreshed" enchantment (+5 H2H, Ranged, Dodge, Parry) on him for up to 20 turns, and 3) gain a temporary +10% to craftsmanship while inside East Cheswick.
Membership lasts for 180 days (although currently it is a manual task for an administrator to move retired members out of the Active Members list, so membership can last for rather longer than 180 days if that task is not carried out punctually).
When a member is retired, another hero of the same class - as long as they have completed the said quest and have not been a member before - is allowed to take that retiree's place by visiting the Embassy and asking the question "I'm back! Am I a member of the Outpost yet?".
  • Royal Gardens
You can meditate here for beneficial spells.
  • Morning Sun Inn
You can rest here.
Used to train STR
  • Eternal Flame Forge
Acts like any other Blacksmith
  • Marketplace
Similar to the Lormidia marketplace.
  • Shrine to Helia
Acts as any Temple to Helia, but doesn't allow money donations.
  • Blaze of Glory Tavern
Allows you to gather rumors for gold and turns.
  • Embassy
You can receive the Battle of the Plains and Enlist at the East Cheswick Outpost quests here.
Costs 12,000 gold to purchase

Edge of town[edit]

Allows for the trading of Splinters.

Effect of Battle of the Plains on East Cheswick[edit]

During the days that Battle of the Plains occur, the residents will all take sheltering measurements and most will close down shop and render their services temporarily unavailable. It is because of this, the Outpost, Eternal Flame Forge, Marketplace, Trading Post, Morning Sun Inn, Blaze of Glory Tavern, along with all 4 of the Guardhouses will all be inaccessible during those days. This will happen to all heroes even if they have not signed up for the battle at the Embassy. Fortunately, the services will resume once the days of the battle end.

Leave town[edit]