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In Heroes of Ardania, what sets ranged classes apart is their ability to attack a few rounds earlier than melee classes and their use of the Ranged stat for combat rather than H2H. Ranged heroes tend to have relatively low damage output in the beginning, but this can be improved later with their schematic items and the fire balm consumable. The Elf is arguably the most capable of the ranged classes early on, but may lag behind the other ranged classes in the long run. In the early game, Elves have the stealing ability, and the unique ability to entertain in inns for gold to help them get started. In the mid-game, their access to the chain mail line of armor, good base magic resistance, and relatively high combat stats gives them a defensive advantage. The Greatbow of Speed, the preferred schematic item of Elves and Rangers allows great damage through its double attack ability. Later on, this weapon upgrades to the Grandbow of Speed which allows the powerful triple attack.

As a ranged class, the Elf is more challenging than most melee classes throughout most of the stages of hero development. Compared to the other two ranged classes, the Elf is more proficient in the early stages of the game, but advantages become less pronounced by about the late middle-game when the Elf becomes something of an inferior version of the Ranger, as Rangers are capable of higher damage and faster leveling than Elves due to higher strength and a smaller XP requirement. Elves' primary stat is Artifice, which adds less value over time than stats like Strength, which is primary for Rangers.

Don't forget about Attack of Opportunity ability. Arguably, this ability can be more useful than bonus Strength...considering you have enough damage to pierce your opponent's armor, of course.

However, once the Lethargy Chain Mail, Reinforced Cloak of the Forest, Elven Token and Sloth Shield - which only Elves can wear - have been obtained in Thallis, these give an Elf excellent defensive advantages and so an entirely different slant to their strategy, compared to defensively-challenged Rangers, in the late game.


Below are the optimal items for each category, as well as other notable items important to this class. See also: items usable by Elf.

or Elven Great Bow (Damage: 13, RNG +10) or Stealth Bow (Valmorgen schematic. Damage: 11, RNG +15, PAR +15, DOD +15).
Elven Chain Mail (Armor: 12, MGR +5).
Bandanna of Frost, Battered Crown, Skullcap of Self-Improvement useful early on.
Belt of Rage or Belt of Balance are useful early on.
  • Footwear: Boots of Lunord (Armor: 2, SPD +2, PAR +10, DOD +15, MGR +5, DMG +1);
Wolfskin Greaves (Armor: 2, RNG +10, PAR +5, DOD +5).
Should also have a Rezzenthells Spellkiller or Dwarven Locket.
Before the above item is obtained you would usually use Black Stone, Black Leaf etc.
For certain circumstances later on Dwarven Quiver of Slaying (RMG +15, DMG +3; Thallis item)
or Elven Quiver of Slaying (RNG +10, DMG +2) (Valmorgen Schematic).