Elven Barmaid

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Elven Barmaid

The Elven Barmaid is the first character the hero runs into when arriving at the Elven Valley. The hero converses with the barmaid before entering the elven village. The Barmaid explains to the hero the situation and culture of her village, which consists of Krolm-worshiping elves.


In-game conversation quotes from the Elven Barmaid

"I did not mean to imply that we are anti-social. Then again, we are not excessively social either, like most of our kindred. This community of Elves has established a type of harmony with these lands, learning both productive crafts and the ways of warriors."

"Instead of wasting our time with song and drink we excel in healing skills as well as weapon and armor crafting, and our Warriors are as good as any in Ardania!"

"When we came to this valley, we found our way back to Krolm. Our archers have learned to slay creatures with one shot while others abandoned the bow altogether. Instead they wield great spears and have embraced their latent barbaric nature to become Berserkers."

"Yes, there's a huge altar for you to visit if you have any doubts. It was here when we discovered this valley. It still surprises me sometimes that we've become healers, craftsman and warriors, all from worshipping Krolm."

"Not like the magical Healers of Agrela, but healers all the same. Krolm is the all-father of everything we all know. Is it so far-fetched that we can't learn everything from him? Maybe the only reason he's known as the god of rage is because that's all he could teach humans."