Elven Shop

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The Elven Blacksmith.

This shop is unlike any other smithy you have been in. It is clean and tidy, with the blacksmith's wares neatly arranged on stands and racks. The Elves may not make many items here, but what they do make is of master craftmanship. While all of the workers notice your entrance, only one moves forward to acknowledge your presence.

The Elven Blacksmith, located in the Elven Valley, sells a variety of useful items listed below. Unlike the identical blacksmiths in the major cities of Ardania: Valmorgen, Mayhew, Lormidia and East Cheswick, the Elven Blacksmith does not sell the usual armor and weapons, but does initiate the Search for the Lost Elf quest and sells the Elven Spears (3 required) for The Desert Artifact quest.

You cannot sell items to the Elven Blacksmith.

The blacksmith sells the following items:

Item (Price in gold, after completing the "Search..." quest)