Elven Valley

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The Elven Valley is a location in the Hellfire Mountains that can be reached by completing an Elven Escort mission. Once in the Elven Valley you can refind the Elven Village while exploring.

Elven Valley Village[edit]

The Elven Valley Village.

Description: "Unlike what one would expect from a regular Elven Village, full of Gambling Halls, Bungalows and Elven Lounges, this place is entirely different. It is quiet, peaceful, and perfectly blended with the Valley in which it occupies. In fact, it is so well blended that it is difficult to tell where the buildings begin and the trees end. Most prominent is the large Inn-like structure near the edge of the village."

Locations Inside the Elven Village:

note: all locations except for the Inn and Cache must be unlocked by talking to the Barmaid in the Elven Inn

Standard inn resting service
Sells the Elven Spear and a selection of combat items
Trains Vitality up to 12
Costs 42,000 gold to purchase


  • Elven Valley (1 turn)

Elven Valley[edit]

Elven Valley
Magical Spring

Description: "This beautiful valley is somehow hidden right in the middle of the Hellfire Mountains. You get an odd sense of peace looking down into this valley, which is unusual considering the wildlands that surround it."


Note: All Magical Springs encountered in the Valley contain positive boosts.

Exit Routes[edit]

Note: You do not need the actual maps to travel to all 4 locations.