Entropic Circle

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Item type: Ring

This ring was crafted by a long-dead cultist to help with what he did best: wander Ardania living only off his own luck and skill.

Usable by Adept, Cultist, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Priestess, Ranger, Rogue, Solarus, Warrior, Warrior of Discord, Wizard
Item weight 0.01
Effects Luck +2, Armor +1, H2H +3
Acquired fromTreldan Wood (Werewolves' Hoard Lair), Catacombs (Fair-sized Tomb, Large Tomb), Fertile Plains (Ruined Shrine), Goblin Territory (Goblin Mound)
Sell infoMarketplace (1000 gold), Wizard Tower (1500 gold)