Farmer's Cloak

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Item type: Cloak

In the dreaded Valley of Venn's Spire farmers are having a hard time surviving the continues onslaught of monsters. Too far away from the city of Valmorgen the guards there can not really help when a situation arises, and they have to rely on the help of adventuring heroes that just happen to stumble by. A rather excentric noble man from the city of Mayhew once visited Venn's Spire, intending to see the dreaded locked away mage for himself when he noticed the poor conditions of the farmers. He then travelled to Lormidia and with help of a weaver and some mages created these cloaks for all the farmers, and some additional ones for their future children. Although by heroes' standard the offered additional protection and offense is laughable, this item has meant the difference between life and death for many a farmer in Venn's Spire.

Usable by All classes
Item weight 0.3
Armor value 0
Effects RNG +2, DOD +2, H2H +2, PAR +2
Acquired fromVenn's Spire reward for Farming Farms quest.
Sell infoWizard Tower (37 gold)