Farming Farms

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Obtaining the Quest[edit]

Talk to the worried farmers in the Venn Spire Inn.

Completing the Quest[edit]

Make sure you have enough help/potions, as each farm contains (at least) five enemies.

  • Go outside and head for the farmland. Monsters you can meet there are the same that for Venn Spire itself.
  • Keep exploring the farmland until you find all five farms and clean them out. Enemies you might encounter in the farms (the sets can recur):
  • Return to the inn.

Claim your reward of 2000 gold and a Farmer's Cloak, which will fill your Cloak slot nicely. This is an important reward as you are unlikely to find a better cloak (or any for that matter) for quite some time.
With this quest completed, you can approach the farmers for help with the Foul Play quest.