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Posted by Veneficus on November 11, 2021

Fur Trader

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The Fur Trader.

The Fur Trade resides in Lichfield Hollow and offers to purchase Bloodbear Skin for 250 gold and Alpha Lion Skins for 350 gold.

Description and Dialogue[edit]

A rugged-looking barbarian in a fur garment approaches you as you enter the store.
Wait a minute, is that rouge he's tried to put on his cheeks?
"Ah, a customer. Vat can I do for vous?

"Who are you?"

"I am zee famous couturier Jean!"

"What does a couturier do, anyway?"

"I make zee finest fur coats, hats, and shawls in all of Ardania!
All zee nobles want them. They're the height of zee fashion today.
They are zee finest because I only work with zee very best fur: that of zee Bloodbear and zee Alpha Lion."

"Sounds nice. Can I buy one too?"

"Sorry, I only sell to zee higher nobility.
I must think of zee image of my shop!"

"You're wearing rouge? What kind of Krolm-worshipper are you?"

He looks at you acidly.
"A fashionable one, at least."
He sniffs haughtily, nose up in the air.