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Gnome Class Guide

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Main Early Game Guide[edit]

New players may avoid choosing a Gnome because of their very low HP, H2H, Strength, and the fact that they can only use lowly daggers as weapons. These factors may explain why the Gnome's difficulty rating is listed as "Master". However, while the Gnome may appear to have the weakest start in the game, they start with the highest Luck stat of any class. This can be extremely powerful as a gnome can quickly gamble and get enough money to fully outfit themselves before their first fight! (see Beginning Strategy) This is an important element in overcoming their difficult start. Furthermore, a miraculous transformation occurs when a Gnome manages to claw his way to level 8, after which they become a Gnome Champion (just like the original Majesty: Northern Expansion). Once they become Champions, they gain the Combat Luck ability along with a large hitpoint increase and some additional strength. With Combat Luck the Gnome Champion will have extremely high combat stats which can then be further enhanced with items, particularly the Elf Beard Ring. These allow the Gnome Champion to attain exceptionally high combat stats easier and earlier than any other class. Therefore, the difficulty rating of "Master" is probably misleading (as are other difficulty ratings).

To explain this further, most items and Dwarven Beard Rings boost a single category, either Dodge, Parry, Magic Resistance, or Hand-To-Hand. For a Gnome, a single point of Luck boosts ALL FOUR of these, each one by a single point. As such, the Elf beard ring's +5 Luck is four times as powerful as the individual beard rings. Also, the normally worthless Emerald Trinket/Pendant/Amulet can provide a substantial boost for a Gnome very early in the game.

The obvious weakness is the lack of attacking damage, a deficiency that will be part of the Gnome throughout the game. However, a lack of damage doesn't matter so long as the enemy cannot easily hurt you. For this reason, the Gnome Champion is generally a very proficient class, so long as the enemy does not require heavy damage to be defeated. AS mentioned, luck is the key to success. After stepping outside of Valmorgen, you can can begin collecting minor luck-boosting. Then, move on to Elf Beard Rings which should be embedded into items such as the War Gauntlet. By gathering luck and stats-increasing items, the Gnome can reach exorbitant stats, particularly for Parry and MGR. As a result, in the long run, many enemies will not be able to lay a finger on a Gnome, but then again, the Gnome might have trouble lighting things on fire from time to time.

Another noticeable weakness is the vulnerability to poison caused by the Gnome's low hit points and armor. In the late-game, the Gnome Champion can compensate with excellent Dodge/Parry or the Aura of Health but, until then, it's best to exercise great caution around poisonous monsters.

Alternative Early Game Guide[edit]

While Gnomes are the most renowoned for their "Combat Luck" ability, don't forget about their primary stat - Willpower. With the numerous Temples in Valmorgen, Gnomes don't need to buy a Weapon before Venn's Spire. Just pray for Wind Storm at the Temple of Lunord and almost no creature in Sewers and Lower Sewers will be able to even lay a finger on you. The only creatures that might be a problem are Rust Spitters (who can attack you on first turns), Ratman Champions and Trolls (who are can live for long enough to land a blow or three - which can be more than enough for your Gnome). Also, be sure to get Armor, a Ring of Protection and Spells.

If you're risky, you can try to farm in Ratman Kingdom, but it is much more dangerous than Lower Sewers.

Before going to Venn's Spire, you can pray for 100-150 turns of Wind Storm and, unless you're really unlucky, you will get most of the keystones by the time enchantment ends.

Increasing your Strength to 20 points with Gnome[edit]

If you want your gnome to be as strong as possible, you may try this little trick. As you can see, maximum starting Strength for a gnome is 7. Upon becoming Gnome Champion, he/she receives 8 additional points of Strength and becomes unable to train his/her Strength any further. But you can leave the Valmorgen at level 7, and promotion to Champions happens only on level 8.. So, if our gnome gets out of Valmorgen before getting 8th level, he/she can farm some gold, go to the East Cheswick, train his Strength to 12, and only then turn into Champion and get his/her Strength increased even more, up to a hefty amount of 20 points.

Drawbacks? This method requires lots of turns and effort to pull out. Getting from Valmorgen, normally, will cost you around 400-500 turns (or less). With this method, it can take much longer, depending on how lucky you are. It is not advised to try this trick if you are new here. But, if you're not scared, read on.

  • First, get to level 7 and teleport to Venn's Spire. Since Followers leech XPs, spend most of your gold on Followers as well as Potions of Monster Detection (talk with innkeeper about himself to unlock his shop, or obtain these items prior to going to Venn's Spire).
    • Hedge Wizards are effective. Archer followers (which advantageously can be hired before going to Venn's Spire) are also effective, but do note that they do not damage the skeletons in one the encounters at Venn's Spire due to the skeleton's high dodge rating.
    • Disable PowerShock and unequip your weapon to minimize damage that you do.
  • Second, find all the keys required to leave this location. Just keep your eyes close on amount of your exp - evade as much encounters as possible and don't forget about experience rewards for non-violent solutions. You may consider challenging the Warrior of Discord at the Spire's entrance for quick and easy death in case your experience starts to exceed 235. However, this results in the loss of several turns after each losing battle with the Warrior of Discord.
  • Third, open the Spire and solve the puzzle. But, before heading back to Valmorgen, make damn sure your experience is less than 235, because reward for completing Venn's Spire is somewhere around 510 experience points at this level.

Congratulations! Now, now you can leave Valmorgen and only thing left is to farm enough gold to buy map of Fertile Plains and to train your Strength to the cap. Just watch your amount of experience and don't forget about followers.

Midgame Strategy[edit]

Once done with Venn's Spire, your goals are slightly different that the usual. Your goal is to boost your LUCK at all costs. Realize that you are very vulnerable to any magical attacks, since your MGR is weak and your Hit Point pool is small. Using Shapeshift Tincture against hard fights is helpful too. Note that you can get 8,000 gold from a fairly easy quest in Lormidia.

A good place to hunt is in the Goblin Territory, where you can find Emerald Trinkets laying around. Once you get 6 of these, you will want to embed your Dagger and Armor with Dwarven Beard Rings, then learn the "Lucky Item!" schematic for embedding the trinkets. This is fairly easy and gives you +6 to all your important skills! In theory, you can pick up +3 Luck Emerald Amulets in Darkmoor Swamp. However, this is exceedingly difficult and time-consuming as you get randomly ganged by Swamp Trolls that can ignore Monster Detection Potions. Picking up 6 Emerald Amulets will allow you to embed both armors.

At this point, you can branch off in several different directions:

  • Beat the Merlan's quest series. However, they require a lot of turns.
  • Fight on the Fertile Plains. Get some loot, including precious Elf Beard Rings (+5 luck each!) that can eventually be placed into armbands and gloves. You also get components for making the schematics below. The bad news is that you cannot actually socket Elf Beard Rings into armands or gloves without the special Socketing Manual found in the Dark Forest Wild Garden Abandoned Library - but you can socket the Mithril Belt and Nevryl Amulet with schematics from Valmorgen Library, and they will give you very significant +30 boost to H2H, Dodge, Parry & MGR. No other class can receive such huge bonus on this game step.
  • Push through the Abandoned Library in the Dark Forest Wild Gardens. It is much easier than the Dark Forest itself and you can get some schematics including the Socketing Manual. Other valuable schematics are the Night Dagger (9 damage, +15 to H2H, Parry, Dodge) which is fairly easy to assemble. Keep in mind that digging through moldy schematics for hundreds of turns with nothing to show for it is a terrible form of torment - but it's most necessary for embedding.
  • In the Dark Forest Wild Gardens, you can find accessories that give you a significant boost to your fighting skills. But in the Elven Valley it's much easier, so maybe you'll decide not to risk in Gardens' Old Guardhouse encounters.
  • You could try to find the Golem Fist, which is an incredible offensive weapon for the Gnome, and deals more damage than by the Champion Blade later. It's a weapon that always hits for 10 and is equivalent to a 19 damage regular weapon (it does 1-19 damage and averages 10).
  • The Champion Blade can be upgraded to the Knight's Blade at the Imp's Workshop. It's a significantly better defensive weapon and much better than the Golem Fist, especially when your motto is 'do not get hit'!

As alluded to above, Gnomes have the ability to significantly boost their combat skills faster than other classes, which can really make this class a powerful one.


Below are the optimal items for each category, as well as other notable items important to this class. See also: items usable by Gnome.

Night Dagger (Damage: 10, H2H +15, PAR +15, DOD +15; Valmorgen Schematic)
Golem Fist (Damage: 10, Slayer)
Mithril Dagger (Damage: 7) - embed 3x Emerald Amulet (Luck +9).
Medusa Mail (Armor: 7, MGR +15).
Earlier, should use Protective Cloak (MGR +5) or Sneaky Reinforced Cloak (Armor: 1).
Iron Skull Cap (Armor: 1) and Battered Crown (PAR +10) are useful before obtaining the Circlet.
Helm of Displacement (Wind Storm, Teleport (Short), PAR -10, MGR -5) can be useful for group damage, though the opportunity cost by not using the Circlet is quite high.
Belt of Godly Luck (Armor: 1, Luck +10, STR +8, DMG +1; Thallis item);
Belt of Ravaging (STR +32, H2H +25, DMG +4, DOD -15, PAR -15, MGR -10) when increased damage is required and if reduced defence is acceptable.
Ancient Belt of Godly Luck (Luck +5) is useful early on.
Belt of Rage (STR +16, H2H +10, DMG +2, DOD -5, PAR -5) is useful early on.
Mithril Belt - embed with 3x Elf Beard Ring (Luck +15). This is arguably better than most other belts for general combat, but you should prioritize using Elf Beard Rings on other slots first since there are other good options here.
  • Footwear: Boots of Lunord (Armor: 2, PAR +10, DOD +15, MGR +5, Damage +1, Speed +2);
War Chargers (Armor: 3, HTH +10, STR +4).
  • Gloves: War Gauntlets (H2H +5, Parry +10, STR +4) - embed 2x Elf Beard Rings (Luck +10)
Gnomish Rage Gloves (Luck -12, DMG +6; Thallis item).
  • Armband: Thallis offers Lucky Bracers (Luck +8) but, because they're not socketable, Mithril Bracers (PAR +5) or Nevryl Bracers (MGR +5) socketed with 2x Elf Beard Ring (Luck +10) are clearly superior, especially since they can be obtained earlier anyway.
  • Necklace: Ring Amulet - embed Ring of Protection (total: Armor: 3, PAR +15, DOD +15, MGR +15) or Dark Band (total: Armor: 1, H2H +10, PAR +15, DOD +15, MGR +5, Damage +2).
Should also have a Rezzenthells Spellkiller (MGR +25) or Dwarven Locket (MGR +40), as well as a Neckband of Smashing (Damage +5)
Nevryl Amulet with 3x Elf Beard Rings (Luck +15) for general use mid-game
Green Charm (Armor: 4, MGR -7) and Blue Charm (MGR +10) are useful when you first leave Valmorgen.
Black Stone (PAR +15) and Black Leaf (DOD +15) are very useful early on.
Carved/Black Claw (H2H +15) and Carved Tooth (STR +15) can be useful as well. (Note: The Carved Claw weighs slightly less than the Black Claw.)
It may be worth doing enough of the Sewer Tunnels questline (side with the Goblins) to get a Luck Talisman (Luck +3) early on, before or after leaving Valmorgen.