Gnome Hovel

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A Common Gnome Hovel.

There are currently two Gnome Hovels, one in Valmorgen and one in Lormidia; plus the Gnome Shoppe at Grov-Urtat. As with Blacksmiths and Marketplaces you can buy and sell Items here. The main reason early on to visit a Gnome Hovel is to unload your Junk items. (But you should complete the Gnome Collector quests first!)

You cannot immediately trade at the Lormidian Gnome Hovel. You must first complete the Amulet of the Apprentice Quest. After finishing this quest, the Gnome Hovel acts exactly as the one in Valmorgen.

You can sell assorted items to a Gnome Hovel for 3/4 of their cost, rounded down. The Goblin Shop in Mayhew typically will buy anything that a Gnome Hovel will, but for a lower price.

The Gnome Hovels sell the following items:

Item Price in Gold
Potion of Goblin Strength 45
Health Grubs 4
Lucky Rabbits Foot 50