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Posted by Veneficus on November 11, 2021

Gnomish Stump

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The Gnomish Stump

The Gnomish Stump is a temporary NPC in Valmorgen, only present during Christmas and New Year. He can be seen in the City Square, together with "a horde of Gnomes, all wearing bright red socks", singing carols around a Christmas tree. When approached, the Gnomish Stump will invite the hero to join them in the carolling. He will also gladly explain the Gnomish Christmas traditions in great detail.


When the hero agrees to join in the carols, a random song is chosen from the following:

Carting Home for Christmas[edit]

Carting home for Christmas,
I can smell those unique odours,
Carting home for Christmas yah!
To the streets of Valmorgan!

And its been too long,
since I have heard the sounds of,
people been mugged,
carting in my cart,
To the streets of Valmorgan!

Jingle Bells[edit]

Jingle bells, mommy smells,
pappy found an egg!
We're gonna eat it whole tonight
with some nu-hutmeg.

Jingle bells, pappy yells:
"It is dinnertime,
Don't forget that Gnoma comes
and that this song must rhyme!"

Oh Gnoma Claois[edit]

Oh Gnoma Claois, oh Gnoma Claois,
I think your socks smell oh so nice!
They have the fra-grance of old dung
Or mol-de-ring Medusa lung
Oh Gnoma Claois, oh Gnoma Claois,
I think your socks feel oh so nice!

Maybe ju-st a little grimy
but that's still bet-ter than slimy
Oh Gnoma Claois, oh Gnoma Claois,
I think your socks taste oh so nice!

The Twelve Days of Claoismas[edit]

On the 12th day of Claoismas, Gnoma gave to me
Twelve Giant Rats
Eleven Healing Potions
Ten Big Mean Trolls
Nine Speedy Adepts
Eight Wise Old Wizards
Seven Mithril Daggers
Six Staves of Smite
Five... Lumps... of... Coallllll
*deep breath!*
Four Bloodbear Skins
Three Rusty Swords
Two Health Grubs
And a fire-breathing dragon just for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Signing grants the "High Spirits" enchantment (After singing with the gnomes you feel a renewed self-confidence. You know that no matter what tomorrow brings you will be ready!), which lasts for 12 turns and adds +5 STR, H2H, RNG, PAR and DOD.

Gnomish Christmas traditions[edit]

Gnomish Christmas (or Claoismas) celebrations mainly seem to revolve around carolling and paying homage to Gnoma Claois, who is believed to be the greatest and most generous Gnome of all time. Each Claoismas Night, Gnoma travels across Ardania in his magical sled, pulled by twelve flying rats. He gives fruit to all Gnomish children and a smoking potato to the elders. Gnomes who have been particularly good during the year might even be given a sack of coal which, according to the Gnomish Stump, is enough to keep a Gnomish family warm and well-fed for a month.

Gnoma Claois' most recognisable feature is the red sock, which he has worn since the beginning of time. During Claoismas, Gnomes wear similar red socks to show their love and respect for Gnoma. Also, each year one Gnome - usually the wisest and eldest in Valmorgen - is elected as the Gnomish Stump, to lead the carolling. He can be distinguished from other Gnomes by the bright red hat he is wearing.

It should be noted that the above describes the Gnomish Christmas traditions in Valmorgen. Gnomes in other towns have not been known to have similar traditions, or indeed, to celebrate Claoismas at all.