Goblin Chief

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The Goblin Chief

After reaching level 10, you can start to explore the Goblin Ghetto. You will soon be confronted by a goblin who will take you to the Goblin Chief.


You are brought before one of the largest Goblins you have ever seen. Age has reduced his muscles in size, but he is still an imposing figure. He has a tin crown on his helmet.

When he sees you enter, his eyes light up. "Ah, finally, my guards have brought me an adventurer. Welcome to the halls of Argosh, Chief of the Rockgnaw Goblins."


The Goblin Chief is involved in two quests. By following the polite path in the initial conversation with the Chief, you should have no difficulty in obtaining the first quest: Stop the Ratman Raids. This is a pretty straightforward quest. If you manage to get your hands on some explosives....

The second quest only involves the Chief in the end. When pursuing the elven line of quests, the third quest - Grease That Palm Again - will bring you back to the Goblin Chief for your reward. And some culinary knowledge...