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Goblin Territory

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Goblin Territory.

The Goblin Territory can be accessed from the Sovereign Road. Heroes who venture into the Goblin Territory must search for the exit or find an exit escort in order to leave, except for Rangers, who may leave the area at any time. The Goblin Territory contains mid-low level encounters, items, and is involved in a few quests. The difficulty of the area is only slightly more challenging than the Ratman Kingdom, but the exit path is not always available, so wise heroes bring sufficient healing aids with them on any foray into this uncharted land.

Description: Goblin Territory consists of a maze of ravines, caves and valleys making it ideal for Goblin Raiders. The only safe way through this area is the Sovereign Road, a road patrolled by Legions of the Sovereign's finest. To venture away from the road is almost certain death. Do you dare?


Like Hellfire Mountains East, the Goblin Territory, as its name implies, contains a great number of goblins.

Notable Encounters[edit]

Grum-Gog Ritual
Goblin Mound
Goblin Camp
Mountain Lions Den


Rangers can leave at will. Other heroes need to find the exit to the Sovereign Road or encounter a ranger escort who will guide heroes out of the area at the cost of a few turns.


For heroes below level 20, it is advised to explore this area once strong enough for money and beard rings. It is also advised to bring at least 20 healing aids to prevent turn and gold loss from death because it can take as much as 200 turns before leaving.