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Posted by Veneficus on November 11, 2021

Gossiping Peasants

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One of the gossiping women.


In the center of the town you find the village well.

A few village women are gossiping there while hauling water.


At the town well in Lichfield Hollow a few peasant women are gossiping about the inane goings-on of their daily lives. They have an opinion about all of the heroes passing through, and are hostile towards Wizards. The fifth conversation option adds the Pommel Gem Rumor to your Journal. The peasants also reveal a few interesting tidbits about the Longsword of True Valour and Axe of the Covenant quests.

Dialogue with NPC[edit]

First Option[edit]

  • Hero Inquiry: "So, did anything interesting happen lately?"
  • NPC Response: One of the women winks at you conspiratorially: "Well, I heard from my brother's friend's father's second wife that Krolm remade the world, and all our heroes were not as strong as they used to be. It seems like dark times for Ardania, but we will prevail as we always have."
  • Hero Inquiry: "Anything else of interest?"
  • NPC Response: Another woman whispers at you: "Don't tell anyone, but my niece's husband's grandfather's wife, who has been having a hut near the Dark Forest, told me that dark forces awoke there, and it's even more dangerous than before!"
  • Hero Inquiry: "Nothing else?"
  • NPC Response: Yet another peasant woman says: "No, not at the moment. But you never know when something strange might happen..."

Second Option[edit]

  • Hero Inquiry: "Don't you have anything better to do than gossip?"
  • NPC Response: All the women start laughing. "Don't you have anything better to do than standing around pestering decent village women?"

Third Option[edit]

  • Hero Inquiry: "I just heard the Sovereign yell. He wants you...um...to build a guardhouse!"
  • NPC Response: All the women start protesting. "That's impossible! We're optometrists!"
  • Hero Inquiry: "Optometrists?"
  • NPC Response: They look away now. "Uhhm...Was it meteorologists then? Uhh, feminists? Nope, maybe linguists?

Anyway, one of those ists that mean you don't have to do any work." They all nod in agreement.

Fourth Option (Class Dependant)[edit]


  • Hero Inquiry: "Seen any wizards around lately?"
  • NPC Response: One of the ladies scowls. "Not many at all, praise Fervus! The old fools!"
  • Hero Inquiry: "Oh, come on. What have you got against us?" [If a wizard, I am not sure what the dialogue for this is for other classes.]
  • NPC Response: The lady turns to face you, her face lined with anger. "Always rampaging through our woods, sending fireballs and meteors everywhere! My second cousin, whose only crime was being infected with a bit of lycanthropy, was brutally murdered by one last week!" A few of the ladies continue grumbling under their breath.

Other classes to add[edit]

Fifth Option[edit]

  • Hero Inquiry: "Do you know anything about the Longsword of True Valour?"
  • NPC Response: After some internal squabbling, one of the women tells you: "Naah, never heard of it. I did hear this interesting rumor about a glowing stone being worshipped by some goblin tribe in the Goblin Territory, though. My aunt's second sister's third husband's grandchild's niece told me last week." [Adds the Pommel Gem Rumor to your Journal.]

Sixth Option[edit]

  • Hero Inquiry: "Be seeing you, ladies..."
  • NPC Response: [Terminates Conversation.]