Grandbow of Speed

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Item type: Weapon › Bow

With the upgrades from the Desolate Wastelands Imp this bow turned even faster, and thus far more dangerous. The small price in damage shouldn't be too worrying if you can kill your foes before they even hit you.

Usable by Elf, Ranger
Item weight 0.45
Damage 12
Effects Ranged +10, grants Triple Attack skill +50%.
Acquisition Upgraded from the Greatbow of Speed at the Imp's Workshop
Required ingredients: String of Potence and Seed of a Strangleweed


  • The Triple Attack ability also gives a guaranteed Double Attack in the event that the Triple Attack does not proc. Therefore, this bow provides an average of 2.5 attacks per round, compared to an average of 1.7 attacks per round for the Greatbow of Speed.