Grease That Palm Again

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"Grease that Palm Again" is the final quest for the Elves in Mayhew, after the completion of Grease Some Goblin Palm for the elves.

Summary and Walkthrough[edit]

After completing Grease Some Goblin Palm, return to Quellyn and he'll inform you that the Goblin chest has gone missing after a few members of their tribe (presumably rebels) have vanished. He offers you the job of retrieving the chest once again.

Proceed by exploring the Goblin Ghetto to come across a rebel. Beat him up or bribe him to reveal a rumor about the location of the goblin chest. Note that until you receive this rumor, you will not be able to find the chest. It appears that the chest has gone off into the Goblin Territory.

Search the Goblin Territory and you'll eventually come across "one of the largest goblin camps you've seen so far." Defeating the encounter will retrieve the chest. The main challenge is the group of four Goblin Deathtowers among the Goblins. Considering they have 350 HPs and a reasonably accurate ranged attack, this is an extremely difficult fight. Therefore, heroes will want to take additional preparations, such as a shapeshape tincture, Regeneration Elixir, and equip a Wand of Lighting Storm before fighting the camp. Once the chest has been retrieved, return to the Goblin Chief to receive your reward of 500 Gold. The Chief tells you that his old treasurer "tasted a little stale."