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Posted by Veneficus on November 11, 2021

Hellfire Mountains East

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Hfmeast.jpg Hellfire Mountains East is one of the four main regions of the Hellfire Mountains. The eastern region is noted for a wide range of valuable items to be found and the large number of goblins in the area. The design of this locations is likely inspired by the quest Hold off the Goblin Hordes from the original Majesty game.

In-Game Description: The Eastern expanse of the Hellfire Mountains is a hearty land with large sprawls of dense forests, and heavily occupied by Goblins.



  • Magical spring either random enchantment (from the following list: Camouflage, Blessing, Stone Skin, Winged Feet, Anti-Magic, Invisibility (67)) or poison damage (i.e. 5-15 damage; Immunity to Poison preserve you), or healing (80..150 HP)
  • Massive / Well-concealed / Deadly-looking Goblin Camps. Fight against all types of Goblins and Goblin Towers (Watch / Guard / Death ones accordingly). Found items (list needs completing):
Level 3 Weapons, Goblin Champion Longsword, Goblin Overlord Axe, Goblin Shortbow, Goblin Champion Mace, Elven Great Bow
Enchanted Loincloth, Iron Chain Mail, Mithril Studded Leather Armor
Neckband of Smiting
Goblin Beard Ring, Spider Beard Ring, Varg Beard Ring
  • Abandoned Altar Fight with several Evil Oculi. Found items:
Elven Chain Mail, Fine Steel Plate Armor, Ironcloth Robe
Amulet of the Berserker, Nevryl Amulet
Sterling Ribcage, Quiver of Venom
Shadow Gem, Small Oculus Eye, Large Oculus Eye
Quiver of Burning
Shield Beard Ring
  • Goblin Burial Mound Fight with several Skeletal Champions, Skeletal Overlords, Goblin Wights. Found items (list needs completing):
Level 4 Weapons
Mithril Studded Leather Armor, Steel Chain Mail, Ultra Chaos Armor
Clan-emblazoned Small Shield
Bandanna of Thought Stimulation
Greater Belt of Tenacity
Silver Varg Gloves
Bracer of Accuracy
Amulet of the Berserker, Unholy Symbol of Grum-Gog, Neckband of Smiting
Wand of Insect Plague
Elf Beard Ring, Goblin Beard Ring, Ballista Beard Ring
  • Grove of Daemonwood Fight with 5..10 Daemonwoods. Found items (list needs completing):
Level 5 Weapons, Mithril Broadsword, Mithril Greatsword
Enhanced Chain Mail, Medusa Mail, Ultra Chaos Armor, Wizards Robe, Full Plate Armor
Belt of Balance
Boots of Evasiveness
Bracer of Accuracy, Mithril Bracers
Token of the Forest
Silver Band, Ring of Might
Sheath of Sharpness, Sheath of Venom, Holster of Might, Holster of Pain
Varg Beard Ring
  • Goblin Sacred Ritual Battle with all kinds of goblins. Found items:
Level 3 Weapons, Lunas Staff, Goblin Champion Longsword, Goblin Overlord Axe, Goblin Shortbow, Goblin Champion Mace, Elven Great Bow
Enchanted Loincloth, Leather Scale Mail, Mithril Studded Leather Armor
Unholy Symbol of Grum-Gog, Neckband of Smiting
Spellcasting Gloves, Silver Varg Gloves
Elixir of Health
Wand of Insect Plague
Ballista Beard Ring, Goblin Beard Ring
WitchKingTowerPortrait (Mystic Ruins in HFM).gif


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