Healer Bracers

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Item type: Armband

The healers' knowledge of the human physic allows them to target specific body parts better or know where to strike best for the most damage. It also allows them to know what is poisonous for a human being. Combine these feats and you get this bracer, which is socketable and allows healers to strike devastatingly.

Usable by Healer
Item weight 0.14
Effects Poisoned Weapon (3), Damage +1
SocketingThis item is socketable
Sockets: 2
Schematic for embedding items into sockets:
Socketing Manual (schematic)
Acquired fromRuins of Thallis (Temple to Agrela)
Sell infoMarketplace (500 gold); Mayhew Marketplace / Wizard Tower (750 gold), Nomad's Outpost (950 gold).