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Healer Class Guide

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In the original Majesty, Healers did very little direct fighting, but instead supported other characters with their healing spell. In Heroes of Ardania, Healers retain their healing ability, but since the gameplay focuses on the individual character, the Healer must transition to a solo-based class. Fortunately, this transition is smooth, and the Healer eventually becomes a powerful, self-sufficient class. The best places for a healer to gain experience at a high rate are places with plenty of undead. Since Harm Undead is one of the few offensive spells of the healer, locations such as the Catacombs are crucial in the early stages.

Early in the game, the Healer generally relies on Followers as a shield in combat, much in the spirit of their role as support Healer in Majesty. The strongest asset of the class is the Heal spell itself, which cures 8 HP of damage per character level on a single target. In the early game, your Heal spell will be just enough to keep your Followers alive in the Sewers, but later on the ridiculous amount of health that can be recovered makes the Healer very tough to kill, arguably the most powerful in the late game. However, poison can disrupt the use of the the Healing Spell but this problem can be solved entirely by obtaining the Aura of Health. This Aura grants immunity to poison plus gives a +4 boost to Vitality.

Damage is a continual issue for the Healer because H2H and weapon damage are both low. The lack of damage is usually not a particularly big problem. However, the Healer requires almost no healing aids so it doesn't matter how long it takes to defeat the enemy. In cases in which certain enemies must be defeated, the Healer might require to augment his or her damage output by equipping charged items such as the Wand of Lightning Storm. The use of spells is convenient for the Healer since the class uses Intelligence as the primary stat. When the Ring of Mighty Devastation is obtained, the Healer is able to persistently sustain heavy spell damage output and take full advantage of being an Intelligence class. The Healer does not have as high of an intelligence as Wizards and Priestesses, but to some extent, the Healer can fall back on melee combat in order to defeat highly magic-resistant monsters. Items obtained later on help augment proficiency in dishing out damage in melee when needed.

After hitting 200+ HP, and getting the Dagger of Valour, the Healer's only worries are enemies who can deal 200+ damage in two rounds, enemies who paralyze/petrify, or the rare ones who can attack invisible enemies (such as the Black Phantom).


Below are the optimal items for each category, as well as other notable items important to this class. See also: items usable by Healer.

The Paladin Aura spell works for 2 of every 12 rounds only (sometimes even less, and frequently your hero will cast or drink something instead of striking during that time - so those attack bonuses are wasted).
Thus either Night Dagger with its constant HTH and PAR + DOD bonuses, or Golem Fist (arguably) with its Slayer ability feel somewhat better than even the upgraded version of the above.
Consider using a regular Mithril Dagger with 3 x Skull DBRs as a part of defense against your own Exploding Aura and high-INT enemies.
Ironcloth Robe, Mithrilweave Robe, Wizards Robe. The last one should be kept for using with the RoMD.
Earlier, should use Protective Cloak, all other Cloaks like the Sneaky Reinforced Cloak are either useless or not equipable by healers.
Helm of Displacement - check your INT and enemies' MGR, in the late game areas it'll be mostly useless. Not that bad though in case you decide to return to the Dark Forest for some more Splinters of Health.
Bandanna of Thought Stimulation - keep this item because it's the only headgear that can raise INT. You can use a Dwarven Headband embedded with 3 Medusa Beard Rings instead - if you can afford the DBRs.

I'd recommend to fill one more Headband with Goblin BRs and an additional one with Shield BRs.

  • Shield: Healer Buckler (Armor: 1, PAR +5; Thallis item); There is no other Shield available to this class.
  • Belt: Belt of Brawling embed a "Might" Accessory. In a lot of fights the Belt of Ravaging will be even more helpful (when the DMG bonus is preferable over defense).
Ancient Belt of the Godly Mind - use it to increase INT for RoMD usage (and for praying). Belt of Balance could be useful sometimes even in the late game.

Mithril Belt embedded with 3 x Skull BRs (for the same purpose as the Mithril Dagger).

  • Footwear: Healer's Boots (Armor: 2, PAR +15, DOD +15, MGR +15, INT +4; Thallis item)
War Chargers (Armor: 3, STR +4, H2H +10; Wizard Tower schematic).
  • Glove: War Gauntlets; embed 2x Hammer Beard Rings. Having a few more pairs of such, with Ratman/Varg/Medusa/Goblin DBRs, could help make you hero more flexible.
  • Armband: Healer Bracers (Poisoned Weapon (3), DMG +1; Thallis item); embed 2x Hammer Dwarven Beard Rings + one more with Goblin DBRs.
Mithril Bracers with Ratman BRs, Nevryl Bracers with Varg and another pair with Medusa BRs.
Ring Amulet; embed the Dark Band; Neckband of Smashing is useful for increasing damage.
When a melee fight suits you (vs you foes) better - switch between Ring of Protection and Dark Band.

Getting Started[edit]

The Healer is a tricky class to start with as they are very vulnerable at the beginning of the game. Your general motto is "Don't get killed", as you will heal yourself 8 times your HP Level every 2 rounds. Hence, damage mitigation and more hit points are key. It doesn't matter how long it takes to win a fight if the bad guys can't actually kill you. Anyways, a few techniques to mitigate your terrible defense at the beginning are the following:

  • reroll (delete Hero and start over, but use as a last resort) to make sure you maintain a 12+ Vitality level. The extra HPs are very valuable to Healers.
  • perform Guard Patrol to get additional Gold.
  • Use the Sun Scorch blessing to compensate for the lack of offense. 10 turns of prayers are enough for 40 turns of invincibility in the Ratman Kingdom provided that you have a follower.
  • gamble to get more Gold but gambling is risky. If you decide to gamble, make bets of no more than $50 each, mostly on Blue.
  • hire a Thug or Fighter to shield you from melee attacks. Dismiss him once you get to level 3 or 4.
  • buy the PowerShock spell; use it to deal damage and gain XP.
  • buy the Flame Shield spell.
  • buy a Ring of Protection.
  • buy a Potion of Monster Detection (each good for 10 turns).

In any case, you want Fire Shield and a Ring of Protection quickly. With these armor-boosters, you will take a lot less damage and can out-heal anything in the first level of Sewers. Once you have gained several levels and have completed the early sewer quests, progress to the Lower Sewers. I recommend using 3 or 4 Potions of Monster Detection to avoid getting killed by Trolls. By level 4, your Meditation spell will decrease how often you get hit and allow you to beat everything in the Lower Sewers. Still, make sure to use a Wand of Lightning Storm in the Lower Sewers and the Ratman's Kingdom big boss fights for the quest. At level 7 you become practically invincible since you can only be attacked 2 out of 12 rounds.

Once you have 20+ Potions of Monster Detection, 10 charges of Lightning Storm, and some poison, proceed to Venn's Spire. Use the Potions of Monster Detection during the entire searching process of Venn's Spire, as the Daemonwood will beat you easily. Also, your hated enemy - Poison - will rear its head. POISON PREVENTS YOU FROM HEALING YOURSELF! This is extremely bad, and as such, use the Potions of Monster Detection to avoid the numerous fights against poisonous plants. Everyone else is pretty easy to beat. (Note: Poison wears off in about 10 rounds, so your Invisibility will let it wear off. On the other hand, Healers can't target themselves with their Heal power while they are invisible, so poison can very well kill you).

After Venn's Spire, get more HPs and increase the Dodge and Parry skills. Go to Charming Charms in the Magic Bazaar in Lormidia and get the Green Charm (Armor +4). The +Armor charm will be your primary neck gear. If you have the gold, buy a map of the Southern Pass from the Farseer in Lormidia, and (using potions of monster detection to avoid all fights) travel the Southern Pass to Traveler's Dell, where you can buy an Ironcloth Robe. Don't forget to grab Mountain Boots and a Traveler's Cloak while you're there; then head back to Lormidia and enchant your robe. Now you can farm the Catacombs and/or Goblin Territory for items and gold. Use that gold to buy a map of the Fertile Plains, then train your Strength and optionally Artifice up to 12 (at the Gymnasium in East Cheswick and the Rogue's Guild in Lormidia, respectively), and your Magic Resist to 15 (at the Valmorgen Library). Then train your Vitality up to 12 (if you didn't start with it at/above that) at the Elven Valley. Because getting into the Elven Valley is a bit tricky, consider hiring a few followers or using some strength-boosting potions to carry enough gold to do it all in one trip.

Once you have a decent pool of HPs and some items to boost Parry/Dodge and a bit of improved armor/mitigation, you can follow the advice in the general strategy guide. Remember that a typical fight for a Healer goes like this: You are invisible for 10 rounds. You get hit on round 11, you heal on round 12 and become invisible again. The cycle then repeats: "come out of invisibility, heal yourself, your opponents have two rounds to kill you before you become invisible again". This is how you gauge how you are doing, since you will come out of EVERY fight with full HPs or close to it. As such, you never really know if you totally owned them or you almost died 12 times over, but don't push it too much. Occasionally the baddies will get a lucky burst of damage in against you. Use the Wand of Lightning Storm in encounters that include lots of baddies. This eliminates the lesser foes before they contribute to the damage you receive. An example is "Escort the Caravan". Once you clear out the 6 Minotaurs and Poison Plants with a Wand of Lightning Storm you are a lot more likely to survive the Daemonwoods and Rock Golems.

Be sure to use Poison against Regenerators and use Potions of Monster Detection to avoid random fights against Poisoners!