Hellfire Mountains

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Hellfire Mountains.

The Hellfire Mountains is a mountain chain in central Ardania. The Hellfire Mountains contain some of the most valuable items in Ardania, often guarded by dangerous enemies. The Mountains are divided into four geographic quadrants:

At the center of the mountains is Traveller's Dell. In the entire region, there are also four mountain passes leading out of Travelers Dell, indicated in the chart below. Generally, heroes arrive from Lormidia through the Southern Pass.

In order to travel the mountain regions and passes, heroes must first purchase maps from the farseer (for passes) in Lormidia and from Travelers Dell (for mountains).

Routes and Mountain Passes[edit]

Lormidia -> Hfmsouth.jpg (Southern Pass) -> Traveller's Dell
                  -> See below for other routes from Southern Pass 
Travelers Dell -> Any of the passes below
               Hfmwest.jpg (Western Pass) -> Valley of Gur-Mechina
                  -> HF Mountains West 
                  -> HF Mountains South 
               Hfmeast.jpg (Eastern Pass) -> Desolate Wastelands
                  -> HF Mountains East
                  -> HF Mountains North

               Hfmnorth.jpg (Northern Pass) -> Grov-Urtat
                  -> HF Mountains West
                  -> HF Mountains North

               Hfmsouth.jpg (Southern Pass) -> Lormidia
                  -> HF Mountains East
                  -> HF Mountains South
                  HF Mountains West -> (Chance Encounter) Valley of Gur-Mechina
                  HF Mountains South -> (Chance Encounter) Valley of Gur-Mechina

                  All Mountain Regions -> (Elf Escort) -> Elven Valley
                  Elven Valley ->  All Mountain Regions

Each mountain pass has access to two of the four mountain regions as listed above. In general, it is usually more optimal to travel through the mountain areas and the passes, than through Dell, to reach another region. For example, to reach the Northern Mountains from the Southern Pass, it is usually quicker to travel directly to the East Mountains, then to the North Mountains rather than going through Dell.

Mountain Features[edit]

Lost elf

All regions of the hellfire mountains have a certain number of similarities:

  • Poor weather conditions and unstable terrain. It is therefore necessary to purchase the Travelers Cloak and Mountain Boots from the Dell to minimize the loss of turns. Some of those events, such as mountain storms and map being read upside down, are unavoidable however.
  • Springs that give enchantments, cause HP loss, or heal HP.
  • From all regions, it is possible to escort a lost elf to the otherwise inaccessible Elven Valley.