Hellfire Mountains North

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The Northern Hellfire Mountains are a hard, cold region where only the toughest and most prepared of Ardania's Heroes will survive.


While containing several weak monsters, it is advised to all players that it is a dangerous zone, that people below level 20 should avoid.

Prominent Inhabitants[edit]


Frozen Spring

Items List is not complete

  • Frozen spring - Random enchantment, heal or poison(Immune to poison will prevent damage)
  • Winter storm - Need Travellers Cloak and Mountain Boots to prevent turns lost.
Large & Huge Ice Caves
  • Large Ice Cave
Protected by 2-4 Wendigo. Drops no items.
Guarded by a Doppleganger and Flowering Strangleweeds. Leads to Mystic Items.
Lost Elf

Exit Routes[edit]

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