Helm of Terror (item)

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Item type: Headgear

This absolutely gruesome Great Leather Helm has a huge, unblinking Oculus eye in the front, granting the wearer superior vision and some magic resistance. The hideous magics of this helm also allow Warriors of Discord to strike fear into their opponents with their bellowing battle cries.

Usable by Warrior of Discord
Item weight 0.7
Armor value 1
Effects Damage +2, MGR +10. User can cast Death Cry spell. Cast 3 times before combat. If at least once the spell is not resisted, opponents are dealt H2H -5, RAN -5, PAR -5, DOD -5 (but not stackable over casts).
Acquisition Crafted using the Helm of Terror schematic.
Required ingredients: Mystic Leather Helm, Large Oculus Eye, Splinter of Transfixion
Sell infoBlacksmith, Trading Post in Traveller's Dell (7500 gold)