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GenericItem - Generic template. Used as base for other items templates.

  • Equipment - Generic template for equipment. Used as base for other templates.
    • Armband - Armbands.
    • Armor - Generic template for armor. Used as base for other templates and for nonstandard armors.
      • Chain mail - Chain Mails, usable by Dwarf, Elf, Paladin, Solarus and Warrior.
      • Harness - Harnesses, usable by Warriors of Discord.
      • Light armor - Light armors, usable by Adept, Cultist, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Solarus, Warrior.
      • Plate armor - Plate armors, usable by Dwarf, Paladin, Warrior.
      • Robe - Robes, usable by Healer, Monk, Priestess, Wizard.
    • Cloak - Cloaks.
    • Belt - Belts.
    • Footwear - Boots.
    • Gloves - Gloves.
    • Headgear - Helmets and other headgear.
    • Shield - Shields, usable by warriors.
  • Accessory - Accessories (equipment, but template derived from GenericItem).
  • Artifact - Artifacts (equipment, but template derived from GenericItem).
  • Quest Item - Quest items.
  • Weapon - Generic template for weapons. Used as base for other weapons templates and for some nonstandard weapons.
    • Axe - Axe type weapons, usable by barbarians and warriors.
    • Blade-stick - Blade-stick type weapons, usable by warriors of discord.
    • Bow - Bow type weapons, usable by elves and rangers.
    • Crossbow - Crossbow type weapons, usable by rogues.
    • Dagger - Dagger type weapons, usable by Cultists, Gnomes, Healers, Paladins, Warriors.
    • Hammer - Hammer type weapons, usable by dwarves and warriors.
    • Mace - Mace type weapons, usable by solari and warriors.
    • Staff - Stave type weapons, usable by Adepts, Priestesses and Wizards.
    • Sword - Sword type weapons, usable by paladins and warriors.

Necklace - Necklaces
Ring - Rings

Other Items
Beard Ring - Beard Rings
Charged - Consumables with charges

Other in-game features
Schematic - Schematics
Spell - Spells
Temple - Temples

Information templates
Expand - Addition to pages where more information is needed
Needs research - Addition to pages where more research is needed
Wikify - Addition to pages that do not conform to the HoA wiki standards

Other templates
2 - Print second parameter. Used for conditional includes. See Spell for example of use.
2nobr - Same as 2, but with non-breakable spaces.
Class - Classes
Disambiguation - Used at the bottom of a disambiguation page instead of typing the message manually
For - unknown
Monsters - Monster database (unfinished)
Portrait - Image used for NPCs
Print - Same as 2nobr, but with slightly different usage.
Quest - Quest descriptions
Statsbox - Base monster description box
Test - Test template
ToC - Main menu quick browse (on top)
User Hero - For use in User page
Wiki - Links to