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About this page[edit]

This page is meant as a general overview of things that need to be done. Please feel free to add your ideas, questions and remarks.

Remark: Part of the special pages is the Wanted Pages. There are listed 100 links that refer to pages that do not exist yet. If you want to get an overview of available pages of a certain type, you can use the Prefixindex - e.g. a list of all templates. -Xalaz 07:19, 11 January 2008 (EST)

Post-Reset/Reviving the Wiki[edit]

This wiki doesn't have a ton of activity, but it does have good info. Some things need to be done in order for it to stay current and active, however. I'll happily do this myself, but I figure I may as well list it here for the other people who are active here. Will the Spellcaster 03:10, 18 July 2011 (EDT)

  • First and foremost, this page and Content Requests need to be cleaned out: if info or work is still needed, then leave it, but right now it's hard to tell what requests have been filled and what haven't.
  • Item locations need to be double-checked, since they may have changed since the reset; I've been listing where I've found items in their respective discussion pages. Also, the format of item locations needs to be standardized and upheld; I've been going with putting them in alphabetical order, and with special events, do it like so: [[Location]] (Special Event A, Special Event B), or, to use real examples, Fertile Plains (Caravan Escort, Minotaur Army).
  • Minor formatting issues should be tweaked. For example, most, if not all, of the links to the various Hero attributes (such as STR, VIT, INT, WIL, and ART) don't redirect to their respective subsections properly, because they aren't formatted quite right. Even if you don't feel like fixing this on old pages, if you're creating a new page, do please write them correctly. I did them properly here (couple sentences back) if you need an example; the trick is to code the redirect to the subsection exactly the same as the subsection title (the parentheses get converted to code for the link, you can keep them as parentheses or write in the code instead, either way works).
  • There's still some references to buying items at the old Trading Post, which was removed from the game in the reset. Those references need to be removed.

Required Monster Stats[edit]

Because IMO it is easier just to see a single list of all foes that need more stats researched than to browse all of the pages independently all the time, here a list of all enemies that still need info.

  • Alpha Lion (armor)
  • Banshee (armor, Attack Type)
  • Bloodbear (Abilities, Armor)
  • Doppleganger (abilities, spells?, armor)Abilities: Mimic; Armor: 0; Spells: Flame Shield, Power Shock (with Barbarian, has to be confirmed with other heroes)
  • Elite Fighter (gold)
  • Elven Marauder (armor)
  • Fighter (gold)
  • Goblin Wight (abilities, armor, attack type) Abilities: Immunity to Poison, Spell Casting, Regeneration (2)
  • Hedge Wizard (gold)
  • Hydra (unless more ever come into the game; impossible task)
  • Leprechaun Chieftain (armor) Armor: 7
  • Liche (spells, abilities, armor) Armour: 3; Spells: Paralytic Gaze, Magic Mirror, Vortex, Summon Skeleton, Life Leach; Abilities: Immunity to Poison, Resist Critical Hit
  • Longbowman (gold)
  • Mimic (all info)HP: 385; Abilities: Resist Critical Hit; Attack Type: Melee
  • Shade (armor)Armor: 0
  • Silver Varg (Armor) Armour: 2
  • Skeleton Champion (abilities, armor) Armour: 7; Abilities: Immunity to Poison
  • Skeleton Overlord (abilities, armor) Armour: 8; Abilities: Immunity to Poison
  • Specter (abilities, armor)Abilities: Immuniti to Poison, Relentless, Resist Critical Hit; Armour: 0
  • Tundra Golem (abilities, armor)
  • Vampire Queen (spells, abilities, armor)Spells: Level Leach, Sommon Shadow Stalker, Magic Mirror, Fire Shield, Vortex, Life Leach; Armour: 1; Abilities: Immunity to Poison, Relentless, Resist Critical Hit
  • Warlock (gold)425 Gold
  • Werewolf Mage (abilities, armor)

Charmable foes (Cultist/Priestess)


Required Items Info[edit]













Chain mails[edit]







Sales locations[edit]

What buys what might be nice to add to all the pages. Here a small summary of my findings. Still needs several additions (and that's why it's here ;).

  • Blacksmith Weaponry, Armor. What other new objects? (Confirmed: Armband, headgear, belt, helm)
  • Marketplace Rings, Neklaces and several new item types. (Confirmed: Accessories, armband, cloak)
  • Goblin Hovel Misc, Charged/consumable, Necklaces and Accessories?
  • Arcana Accountress and Charming Charms Necklaces.
  • Merlan's Shop charged/consumable, headgear, accessories, misc (beard rings), necklaces, rings, belts, armband. Anything else?
  • Traveller's Dell Trading Post: All but Misc. (Dwarven Beard Rings) it seems. Didn't check for Artifact/Footwear though.
  • Fletcher R Us Weapons and Armor ONLY.
  • Mayhew Goblin Shop Misc. only (Beardrings).

Any other selling locations???