Imp's Workshop

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The Imp's tower
The Imp

The Imp's Workshop can be discovered by finding a Camouflaged Goblin Tower in the Desolate Wastelands.


Upon completing the quest "The Imp and His Tools", you may upgrade the following items. Upgrades require the ingredients specified by the Imp.

For 1,000 gold, the Imp can also combine a Rune of Healing with a Splinter of Health, Seed of a Strangleweed and a Dragon Pearl to give you "a small health-boost" (permanent +20 hit points). It's recommended to do it after you'd upgraded all other possible stuff - otherwise it could cause an unpleasant bug - the things you didn't upgrade before that might disappear from Imp's proposals. If this happened, farm one more of the items you had already upgraded there before, and bring it together with the disappeared one.

For 100,000 gold the Desert Artifact can be upgraded to contain as twice more charges. In order to be able to ask the Imp for it, you need to hear the relevant rumor first.

Also, for Barbarian and Solarus heroes who have completed The Dead Wander in Gar-Uta quest and therefore having found the Boots of Lunord, the Imp allows the question "Could you do something with the Boots of Lunord so they are useful for me?", whereupon he says "Indeed I can. For a price. All I need is 25000 gold!". Accepting this deal results in the Boots of Lunord and 25,000 gold coins being exchanged for the Imp Schematic, along with a Barbarian Beard Ring (for Barbarians only) or a Solarus Beard Ring (for Solarii only).

Note that when the Imp performs an upgrade, he kicks you out of his workshop and back to the Desolate Wastelands - if you want to return and upgrade another item, you'll have to spend a turn to travel there again.

List of Ingredients[edit]

All the ingredients can be found in Krolm's Anvil or "Escape from Gar Uta" special quest sequence.