Imp Schematic

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You've received this schematic from the Desolate Wasteland Imp to use your new beard ring. Question is, with what?

Usable by Barbarian, Solarus.
Ingredients For Barbarians: Socketed (0/1) Anvil Journey and Barbarian Beard Ring
For Solarii: socketed Socketed (0/1) Eclipse and Solarus Beard Ring
Result For Barbarians: Socketed (1/1) Anvil Journey
For Solarii: Socketed (1/1) Eclipse
Difficulty 4/10
Acquisition After completing the quest The Dead Wander in Gar-Uta and finding the Boots of Lunord, visiting the Imp's Workshop allows you to ask the question "Could you do something with the Boots of Lunord so they are useful for me?" to the Imp, whereupon he says "Indeed I can. For a price. All I need is 25000 gold!". If you then say "Deal", you find that you have successfully exchanged your Boots of Lunord and 25,000 gold coins for this Imp Schematic, along with a Barbarian Beard Ring (if you are a Barbarian) or Solarus Beard Ring (if you are a Solarus).