Improved Belt of Brawling (schematic)

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This schematic shows you how to add various sheaths and holsters to the Belt of Brawling

Usable by all melee classes (Elf, Ranger and Rogue can not use it)
Ingredients Belt of Brawling and one sheath, scabbard or holster
Result Belt of Brawling with the effects of the added sheath/scabbard/holster
Difficulty 2/10
Acquisition Abandoned Library


  • The 'usable by' restrictions of the sheaths, scabbards and holsters are dropped when they are combined with the Belt of Brawling. This means that a Solarus can use an Improved Belt of Brawling socketed with a - normally unusable - Scabbard of Might.
  • Not usable with Holster of the Arcanist.