Institute of Royal Timekeepers

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The Institute of Royal Timekeepers.


You enter the Hourglass-Shaped Building. It turns out to be the almost legendary Institute of Royal Timekeepers! This is the place where time in Ardania is measured, calculated and, some say, even altered to fit the needs of the Sovereign!
You see several old people behind desks. Some others are walking around with their arms full of scrolls. One of them seems distraught; she's pacing around muttering to herself. A couple of them stop and look up at a wall that appears to be empty. One person behind a desk beckons you.


The Institute of Royal Timekeepers - also known as the Hourglass-Shaped Building - in Lormidia is the home of all timekeeping in Ardania. Travis, head of the complaints department, sits behind his desk in the main hall. You can ask him anything. Just be careful when demanding something...
A second person - only known as the Distraught Character - is the starting point of the Tempus Fugit quest.

The only exits from this building are back out the front door to Lormidia and via the Basement. You'll find that by asking - no, demanding - for more turns is a good way to get there. Be warned, though, it is not a hospitable place!