Krolm's Anvil

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Krolm's Anvil is a lategame area, featuring some of the toughest encounters in the game. While staying in Krolm's Anvil, all heroes get a -10 penalty to H2H, Ranged, Dodge and Parry.

Krolm's Anvil offers high experience gain for heroes that can survive the area. If all battles are fought and won, and turn loss from special events are negated by the appropriate consumables, the experience gain in Krolm's anvil is about 2 times that of Ruins of Gar Uta, 3 times that of the Sunken City, and 4 times that of Thallis.


In-game description[edit]

It is believed that this is the place where Krolm forged the creatures of the world from his rage. The powerful forces of those times prevail even today, and this gives rise to random lightning storms and earthquakes in the region. Undoubtedly this region is the most dangerous of all Ardania, housing terrible Towering Golems, known to level entire settlements by themselves, the most fearsome of Flesh Hunters, Greater Oculi and worse. It is also said that the spirits of the former warriors who died here haunt around. Heroes are strongly advised to avoid this area.


Flesh Scavenger Lair


Ruined Building
Ancient Burial Ground
Ruined Altar
Loot of Gold & Hidden Treasure
Abandoned Temple
  • Abandoned Temple: Gain 15 turns of invisibility for a quite large donation (2 turns, 30000 gold).