Leprechaun Valley

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Note: The Leprechaun valley was removed from being an accessible location in January 2018

Leprechaun Valley.


You find yourself in a green valley. Literally green, because everything here is a shade of that colour. It's spooky, really.

Since you were teleported here, you don't have a clue as to how to get out, or even where that "out" would be.

Heroes have a chance to be teleported to the Leprechaun Valley upon picking up a treasure chest located in the Buried Cathedral or the The Royal Timekeepers' Basement. When arriving at the valley, the hero gains an amount of gold equal to their level x 1000. Alternatively, it is also possible to arrive at the Valley through the Wizard's Tower, but heroes will not receive gold from this way. Although a hero can receive a substantial amount of gold when transported to the valley, this can be quickly depleted by Leprechaun and Leprechaun Chieftains who use 'invisibility' and 'drain gold' in their attacks (if a hero does not defeat leprechauns within 40 rounds the battle is lost). It is advisable to turn off 'auto-attack' mode and select which battles your hero wishes to participate in. Only by fighting Leprechauns can one leave the Valley again though, so do not avoid all fights! It is recommended you have at least a few potions of monster detection before opening a treasure chest; they are very helpful in avoiding fights with some of the tougher monsters in case you end up in the valley.



Luck-increasing items and vials of poison can be found. Drops include:


Heroes may exit by touching the exit stone after defeating random encounter of 1-3 Leprechauns (so it may be useful to avoid fights including Leprechaun Chieftains, Tree Mimics, Rock Mimics and Dopplegangers). Touching the stone teleports the hero back to a random location including Central Plains, Treldan Wood, Catacombs and Valmorgen.
Developers Note: The exit can only be found after defeating the Leprechaun Keymaster. To any non-Leprechaun, the Keymaster appears to be an ordinary Leprechaun, so it's not possible to know which Leprechaun is the Keymaster until after you defeat him. - DD