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Longsword of True Valour Quest

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The Longsword of True Valour Quest starts in the Dwarven Blacksmith in Valmorgen. This location does not appear when you start the game. To reveal this location you need to visit the Mapmaker in Mayhew first.

The reward for this quest is - not surprisingly - the Longsword of True Valour. This is a nice sword for Paladins and Warriors but totally useless for all other classes, as they cannot wield it. But the item can also be sold for 7500 gold. Heroes who want to get the Axe of the Covenant will have to complete this quest to get to the start of the Axe of the Covenant Quest. It is definitely worthwhile for the Paladin and Warrior, although you will need to be properly prepared with healing aids, a 3-stack of Wand of Lighting Storm, 3 Shapeshift Tinctures, at least one use of poison, and lots of Monster Detection potions.

Summary and Walkthrough[edit]

The Quest Giver[edit]

When visiting the Dwarven Blacksmith in Valmorgen you can ask about the Longsword of True Valour. The dwarf is looking for the three pieces of this sword so that he can reassemble it for a merchant from Mayhew and he wants you to find the three pieces. The dwarf does not give any extra information about the location of the pieces. He only tell you that the three pieces are the Pommel Gem, the Hilt and the Blade.

To find the three pieces, you first need to find three hints about their whereabouts. A rumor is required in order to find each of the pieces.

The Blade of the Longsword of True Valour[edit]

The first hint can be found nearby at the Royal Rat-Catcher!

"My colleague, the Royal Pigcatcher, saw a strange, huge-looking Daemonwood with a swordblade sticking out of him in Treldan Wood recently. A glowing sword blade, to be exact. I assume that helps you out?"

If you have not done the Royal Rat-Catcher quest line, you must do them first he says to you

"As a matter of fact, I have."
"I tell you what, I help you, you help me. Do my quests first, then I'll tell you what I know."

Of course, it does. Searching Treldan Wood will yield an encounter where you fight an Elderwood and 3 Flowering Deathweeds. After defeating them you get the Blade of the Longsword of True Valour. The Elderwood is no joke with tons of HPs and 3 Regeneration per round. Make sure to equip poison (if a non-caster) and a goodly supply of healing aids.

The Pommel Gem of the Longsword of True Valour[edit]

When searching the Woods, you are very close to the second hint. The gossiping women in Lichfield Hollow have heard 'nothing' about the Longsword of True Valour:

After some internal squabbling, one of the women tells you:
"Naah, never heard of it. I did hear this interesting rumor about a glowing stone being worshipped by some goblin tribe in the Goblin Territory, though.

My aunt's second sister's third husband's grandchild's niece told me last week." To the Goblin Territory!

A thorough search of the Goblin Territory will eventually lead you to the following scene:

You see a small Goblin Priest's Encampment nearby. In its center you see a group of Goblin Priests chanting around some glowing object.

After defeating the 7 Goblin Priests you find the Pommel Gem of the Longsword of True Valour.

The Hilt of the Longsword of True Valour[edit]

The last hint can be found in The Howling Cultist Inn in Mayhew

Asking the patrons about the Sword of True Valour yields the following:

You ask around, only to find you have to wet quite a lot of throats to start getting any answers. Finally you hear a rumor about a Glowing Sword Hilt being seen on the belt of a large skeletal beast in the Buried Cathedral, but by then you've already spent 60 Gold. Oh well...at least you have your answer, right?

You have to make your way to the Buried Cathedral, which requires searching the Graveyard, and then the Catacombs to find the entrance. In this area you get the following encounter:

You see a golden glow emanating from a tunnel close to you. You investigate, and see a massive skeletal creature with a glowing sword hilt on his belt, amidst a few Skeletal Knights.

A Skeletal Overlord and some Skeletal Knights guard the Hilt of the Longsword of True Valour. While this fight is not so difficult, getting to it and getting out is the primary challenge.

The Reward?[edit]

After you find all three pieces (finally!) you can return to the Blacksmith to claim your reward. Right? Or maybe not.....

The smith greets you happily.
"Glad ter see you're back! Now lemme see what ye have...blade, hilt, and...WHAT!? This isn't the correct pommel gem! See, it doesn't fit! Now go and find the real one!"

JOY! Where to then? Only one place of information left: the Valmorgen Library! In the library go read a book. Here you get the option to Research the Longsword of True Valour:

This time, you do find the book you're after: "The life and suffering of Katarina Holyblade" by Ellaria, Hand of Dauros.
Unfortunately, the book doesn't seem to say anything about what happened after her death. You throw the book down angrily, but then you see something sticking out of a now-loose part of the book cover.
You pull it out, and it's the following text, heavily faded with age:

...ve fled th. hor..r. T.e G.m is .til. safe. Bla.e....
Hunted. H.nt.d b. the Bea.ts. Al.ays af..r me. Mu.t hide the ge...
Fo.nd a pl.ce to h..e it! No..dy will su.pe.t...
Brill..nt irony. Nob... will sus.ect the .em of the g.. of L.w to b. b.neat. a paragon .f Ch..s!

Filling in the blanks reveals a clue to the location of the gem.

(Note: you cannot find this entry in the library until you've found the false pommel gem and brought it to the dwarf)

The True Pommel Gem[edit]

Visiting the hinted location triggers a dialog with a site gnome. He has the real Pommel Gem of the Longsword of True Valour. And he will give it to you for a Sack of Coal. Luckily, he also tell you that you can buy this at the Rogues Guild. A short detour later and 60 gold poorer, you can finally claim the real Pommel Gem of the Longsword of True Valour.

The Reward![edit]

Returning to the Blacksmith ends this quest and yields you a nice enchanted sword: the Longsword of True Valour! Unfortunately, this weapon is only usable by Warriors and Paladins. Luckily, you can sell it for a cool 7500 gold.