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Lormidia, Gateway to the East and Magical Capital of Ardania!

Lormidia is a city that can be accessed by crossing the ferry from Mayhew. Lormidia is a significant location because it is it is the gateway for heroes travelling to the Hellfire Mountains. In addition, Lormidia contains some of the most important magic-related shops, such as the Magic Bazaar.

Locations in the city:

City Square[edit]

  • Citadel of Magic
The seat of governance of Lormidia, headed by a group of wizards. Heroes should seek the Citadel to open a clan in Lormidia.
Allows heroes to rest.
Similar to the blacksmiths of other cities.
Similar to the marketplace of other cities.
  • Hall of Champions
Allows the hero to look up hero and clan information, as in the Palace in Valmorgen. The hero may also register for a monster hunt and look at trophies obtained for the completion of such quests.
House for the "Timekeepers". While it would be quite in vain to ask for more turns, there's quite a bit to see in this building, including a Basement.
Heroes may approach the wall to view the Ardanian Calendar which may be useful when attempting the Battle of the Plains quest.
  • Dark Alley
Heroes can find access to the sewers upon gathering information from the alley.
The Sewers of Lormidia is large and far more dangerous than the counterpart in Valmorgen. Heroes should be prepared before entering.
Used to buy poisons and train Artifice

Guild Road[edit]

Wizard Way[edit]

Similar to the Wizards Guild in Valmorgen, with the exception that the wizards here may enchant your items to +4 upon completion of the Wizards Tower quest.
  • Sorcerers Abode
The sorcerer is not always the most friendly character, but offers the "gate" service in which the character can be instantly teleported to the following places for a price in gold: Valmorgen (500 Gold), East Cheswick (1000 Gold), Mayhew (300 Gold). After completing the Nomads' Arena, you may teleport to the Nomad's Outpost for 5000 gold.
One of the most important locations, the Magic Bazaar contains four different shops: Arcane Accoutres contains potent combat-aid items, Charming Charms sells some charms, Ezzina's Elixir Expo sells the powerful Total Restoration Tincture, and the Dwarven Engineer is the only location to train Craftmanship to 40.
  • Farseer
The farseer sells maps to the Hellfire Mountains passages.
Map of Hellfire Mountains Southern Pass for 1500 Gold.
The maps of the other 3 passes will only be available for sale after a hero purchases the map for the Southern Pass.
Map of Hellfire Mountains Northern Pass for 3500 Gold.
Map of Hellfire Mountains Eastern Pass for 2500 Gold.
Map of Hellfire Mountains Western Pass for 2500 Gold.

Edge of Town[edit]

Heroes of level 10 and above may take the quest of ascending the tower.
  • Royal Gardens
Heroes may meditate here to gain a random enchantment.
While the temple has historical significance, it functions like every other temple to Krolm.
Heroes may find a gnome apprentice seeking help to find a lost item.

Leave City[edit]