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Lost! is a quest that begins in the Central Plains.

Obtaining the quest[edit]

Explore the Central Plains to find a Ranger (the name and gender of the ranger are randomized) and assist the ranger in defeating a band of Goblins, whereupon the ranger will tell you of a fellow ranger who has been captured by Goblins on the Sovereign Road. The Ranger will tell you to meet at the Ranger camp on the Sovereign Road.

Completing the quest[edit]

Once you arrive at the Ranger's Camp on the Sovereign Road, ask to speak to the Ranger. The ranger will ask you if your are ready to go rescue his or her friend. Upon agreeing, you will be taken automatically onto a hill, where you will climb towards the Ranger in need of rescuing. This takes 4 turns, during which you will fight unavoidable battles with goblins, with the Ranger companion as a follower. Once you reach the top and rescue the ranger, you will be automatically sent back to the Sovereign Road. Enter the Ranger camp and talk to the Ranger to receive you reward.



  • The name for the Ranger is variable. Example names include
    • Nyphla Sharpeyes,
    • Vandon Lakescouter,
    • Mervus Bushbreaker, and
    • Elri Brookford.