Lunas Staff

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Item type: WeaponStaff

This solid, white staff is perfectly smooth except for a cratered texture on each end, and produces a faint glow that strengthens with the corresponding lunar cycle. It is also enchanted to make an Adept a stronger combatant.

Usable by Adept
Item weight 0.6
Damage 13
Effects H2H +10, Parry +10, Strength +8
Crafting useIngredient for the following schematics:
Circlet of Lycanthropy
Acquired fromDark Forest (Adept Encounter), Hellfire Mountains East (Goblin Sacred Ritual), Hellfire Mountains South (Large Cave), Valley of Gur-Mechina (Tomb)
Sell infoBlacksmith (7500 gold), Nomad's Outpost (9500 gold)