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Welcome to the Heroes of Ardania Wiki!

Heroes of Ardania Wiki (HoA Wiki) is dedicated to the Heroes of Ardania online game, at HoA is based upon Majesty, the Fantasy Kingdom Sim, by Cyberlore Studios. The purpose of the HoA Wiki is to be the ultimate source for everything HoA - from playing techniques to a complete and updated item database, from a complete quest walkthrough to a detailing of the combat code.

Spoiler Warning: Information in this wiki may contain spoilers pertaining to game content!

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About Heroes of Ardania

Heroes of Ardania is a roleplaying game based in the fictional land of Ardania that allows players to play the role of a hero from the Majesty series, as opposed to governing a kingdom without direct control over heroes in the original Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim. You can explore, adventure, work, fight or quest to your heart's content. Heroes of Ardania follows a turn-based system; one turn is generated per hour for each hero in Ardania.

Ardania is a medieval fantasy world - filled with heroes from noble paladins to back-stabbing rogues, from magic-wielding wizards to rage-filled barbarians. (From