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Majesty: Heroes of Ardania ( is an interpretation of the Majesty universe (particularly, the continent of Ardania) from the standpoint of individual heroes. In Heroes of Ardania, the player controls the individual heroes in a browser-based multiplayer role playing game. The general goal is to build up a hero by defeating monsters and obtaining items. The player's hero may visit and explore a variety of different locations throughout the Majesty world known as Ardania.

Development History[edit]

Early History[edit]

This game originated in the early 2000s as a fan-based spin-off from the award-winning Majesty computer game. TaleSpinner (the Warrior of Discord represented in the game's statues) obtained permission from Majesty's original publisher to use Cyberlore's logos, images, etc., and began creating this game as an informal hobby. On 1 June 2002,Talespinner first posted a link to HoA in Cyberlore's forums. As HoA gained popularity with Majesty fans and others, HoA's in-game forums grew to be very active, and Talespinner delegated most forum mod duties to some of the frequent forum-users.

Talespinner eventually ran out of time to add new content, and his server couldn't handle the load, so he stepped back and turned it over to the players and forum mods who had demonstrated their interest and devotion to the game. At this point, in-game locations consisted of Valmorgen, its sewers (including the Lower Sewers and Ratman Kingdom), the Central Plains, the Graveyard, the Catacombs, and the Buried Cathedral. There were no quests (other than the basic Ratcatcher quests).


After HoA was kicked off Talespinner's last server in January, 2005, Talespinner made the HoA source code available to the game's devotees on 1 August 2005, who then created a separate dev forum on 3 August 2005. Talespinner's first successor was Oni, who then passed it on to Karmic after a couple of years. Karmic also took over the hosting burden starting 6 November 2005, when the game restarted with a blank slate (no heroes survived the 2005 server change/hiatus). The reset implemented a new XP system.

On 12 November 2005, this incarnation of HoA had its first 100 registered heroes. Most of these belonged to devs, but more and more non-dev players began to join in. As of 26 July 2017, HoA has had more than 36,000 registered heroes from more than 6,600 distinct users since 2005, though not all are currently active players.

As content was added by the new dev team (many new areas, new foes, new items, and new quests), some of Talespinner's original decisions (which usually tracked the Majesty computer game) no longer functioned well in game-play. Heroes leveled up too quickly and could raise their stats too high. There weren't enough gold-sinks or any weight limits, so characters would carry everything they owned (including immense amounts of gold) everywhere they went regardless of their strength. This meant the players needed to do little planning or preparation for new areas with new foes. So the game was reset once again.

2010 to present[edit]

In the 2010 reset, the dev team reset the entire game with new criteria for leveling up, weight restrictions, and other changes to enhance game-play. The existing heroes were wiped out, and everyone had to start over, although character names were kept.

When Paradox Interactive bought Cyberlore's rights to the Majesty computer game, Frederik Brown at Paradox agreed the HoA dev team could continue to use the Majesty logos, images, and other intellectual property. The dev team has an email from him to that effect, which functions as a license.

Many members of the dev team have moved on to other things. Karmic himself only comes around occasionally. From that dev team, Dorgath handles most of the trouble-shooting these days, in his spare time.