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The Map Maker

The Mayhew Merchants' Map Making Man[edit]

Mayhew's map maker is a retired ranger, living off his knowledge of the lay of the land. The merchants pay him well, but he's not above selling some of his valuable knowledge to you.


The Map Maker sells maps to Treldan Wood, the Central Plains, the Hero's Rest Inn and the Fertile Plains (When in possession of the Central Plains map). After reaching level 10, the Map Maker has an extra dialog option

"Say, you look like a person who knows how to fight. I may have something for you to do, if you're interested..."

Following this dialog adds the Dwarven Blacksmith location to your map in Easy Street in Valmorgen. Here you can find the aptly named Dwarven Blacksmith NPC who offers the Longsword of True Valour and Axe of the Covenant quests.