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Map of Ardania

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Map of the world of Majesty: Heroes of Ardania

Ardania as depicted in Heroes of Ardania

Major Locations Shown[edit]


New locations released 8/2008:


New locations released 12/2007:

Certain sub-locations are not shown on the map.


  • Locations from the Original Majesty Map: This map uses the original single-player map in Majesty: Northern Expansion. The locations Valmorgen, Central Plains, Mayhew, Lormidia, Valley of Gur-Mechina exist in the original map.
  • Discrepancies between the in-game map and Majesty canon: The Treldan Wood location is displayed as shown in Prima's Majesty Guide, which is considered Majesty canon. The location depicted in the in-game HoA graphic is slightly off to the east. Also to note is that the in-game HoA map has modified features (notably trees) not present int the Majesty campaign map. The HoA in-game map of the Dark Forest is also graphically modified from the original campaign map. Also of note is that Prima's Guide labels the reason as "Dark Woods". The term "Dark Forest" is used as the title of one of the in-game scenarios in Majesty.
  • Prima's Guide map information: The location of Lichfield Hollow as displayed is shown in Prima's Guide. Prima's guild also shows the location of East Cheswick, which appears as an unlabeled dot on the campaign map (For the Northern Expansion, the original game *does* have the name).
  • Wizard Tower: based on the quest "The Wizard's Curse"
  • Fertile Plains: based on the quest "The Fertile Plains"
  • Darkmoor Swamp: The location of Darkmoor swamp is based on the campaign map location of the "Barren Waste" quest which has a location marked as "Darkmoor Castle", which in the game of Majesty is to the West of the Treldan Woods however.
  • Elven Valley: Placement of this location is based on the "Valley of Serpents" quest in Northern Expansion.
  • Assumed Location: All other map features are assumed.