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Mayhew, the City of Gold!

Mayhew, the City of Gold, is a merchant city with caravans littering the outskirts. The merchant houses are very powerful here, with plenty of work available for heroes as caravan guards. There is a large colony of Elves here, and surprisingly, they brought with them a small workforce of trained (and housebroken) goblins, who reside in the slums.

Mayhew is likely to be the first city heroes encounter after Valmorgen. Mayhew is also the starting point of several quests. Below is a description of the buildings in Mayhew.

City Plaza[edit]

  • Mayhew Keep
Nominally the center of power in Mayhew, but the Duke is not present at the time.
The Blacksmith offers the exact same service as the one in Valmorgen.
Pays for items 50% more than other markets.

Guild Road[edit]

Offers the player to hire all types of mercenaries as followers.
  • The Merchants Guild HQ
The merchants are apparently quite a power in Mayhew. Strong heroes are likely to find employment for the Merchants. In addition, the hero should speak to the Merchants for the establishment of a clan.
  • The Map Maker
Sells maps to nearby locations. In addition, the map maker is friends with the Dwarven Blacksmith in Valmorgen.
Costs 8,400 gold to purchase

Temple Avenue[edit]

Mayhew contains temples to Agrela, Dauros, and Lunord

Used to train Willpower up to 12

Leisure Street[edit]

Play a game of Dukal Cards or Goblin Barge.
  • The Howling Cultist Inn
Similar to other inns; a location for heroes to rest
  • The Theater
Elves may attempt to perform here to appease the crowd.
  • Elven Lounge
The elven lounge is an important center of operation for the elves in Mayhew. Heroes (level 10 or higher) who are seeking to work for the elves may find their leader in the lounge.
  • Elven Bungalow
Location for elves to rest.

Caravan District[edit]

  • Merchant Offices
The Caravan District is an active hub for the routes going into and out of the city. Heroes partake in caravan escort missions.

Goblin Ghetto[edit]

  • The Goblin Ghetto
The Rockgnaw Tribe resides in Mayhew and partly serves as a work force for the Elves. Heroes may enter the ghetto to discover more about the goblin residence. Level 10 or higher is required to investigate the Goblin Ghetto.
After investigating the goblin ghetto, heroes will discover the Goblin Shop, which sells unique "goblin items" and offers to take in certain junk. However, before being allowed to use the shop, the hero must first prove to be worthy for the tribe...

Leave City[edit]